American NanoSteel company is rolled out but the tool that 3D

Published on 2019-05-11

 As we have learned, nanoSteel company is the leading sheep of steel products of Nai rice construction, this company announces to roll out ” BLDRmetal™L-40 ” , it is the steel pink of a kind of case hardening, have tall hardness and tall tenacity (exterior hardness is more than 70HRC; core to extend a gender to increase 10%) , and the business of usable standard uses equipment line to imprint. Its design is to should be used on tool, mould, bearing and gear.

Imprint through the row a 8 inches mould rolling silk, can show BLDRmetal™The function of L-40. Company of American Perfect Lock Bolt America is the manufacturer of double whorl fastener with only North America, the president of this company holds highest CEO Mr Mark Doll concurrently to express: ” we were used almost all raw material combination and program of traditional CNC lathe work will try to create double whorl pattern, but like doing not have can cutting or abrade a structure of complex double whorl geometry. we are seeking the solution of NanoSteel company, include exceedingly good surface to machine the effect, flexibility and mould life the biggest the intensity that changes place to need and hardness. This is fastener line of business happy see and innovation of gay science and technology. We are very satisfactory the result of our test, prepare to begin to produce a product with a future life this year. “