Foreign trade company is asking, is American fastener market

Published on 2019-05-11

Foreign trade company is asking, is American fastener market good do?

 To the enterprise, take door going abroad, infiltrate the international market is the target of every enterprise. Because enlarge market share, enlarge product force, transmit company culture, it is every enterprise can receive the job that cannot seek.

   However, a what kind of circumstance is enterprise heart heart studies the American market that study after all?

For this, our specially made data investigation, in order to offer reference.

From above data we see, american fastener imported total value to restrain 4.534 billion dollar 2016, with photograph comparing dropped 2015 9.05%;2016 year total value of American fastener export achieves above of 4 billion dollar first, grew 6.16% 2015 compared to the same period.

And from the point of global limits, 2012——2016 these 5 years, in the country that American fastener imports or area, before Taiwan, China and Japan are resided firmly 3, be far ahead is other country. Among them, the United States imported the total value of fastener to restrain 1.421 billion dollar from Taiwan 2016, occupy the United States 31.34% what annual entrance was worth 2016, china is occupied 22.17% , japan is occupied 13.68% .

   Above data comes from bureau of American country statistic

Export side, in the nation that 5 this years American fastener exports 2012——2016 or area, before Mexico and Canada are resided firmly 2, brazil was jumped 2016 house the 3rd. Among them, american exit restrained 1.317 billion dollar to fastener total value of Mexico 2016, occupy the United States 32.38% what annual exit was worth 2016, canada occupies 24.52%; Brazil 7.36% .

From above 3 form are pleasant to the eye, the United States regards the world as system of the biggest economy, very big to the demand of all sorts of fastener products. So, since American market is such tremendous, how does domestic company hold good opportunity, begin foreign trade professional work?

To the novice, the spot inspects can yet be regarded as on the spot a good a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success and visit district stone.

   October 2017 16——24 day, the station of United States of —— of round-the-world investigation group that organizes by a definite date 9 days by net of Chinese screw exit is about to set out.

The old driver that regards an experience as Taoist priest of rich, experience, chinese screw exports a net ( is dedicated at be export fastener enterprise and dedicated the service that the close look forward to that be measured at promoting high yield quality and manufactures a technology provides convenient, quick, major, attend professional fastener of 10 above abroad every year to exhibit meeting.

Net of exit of visit Chinese screw will have idea inside constituent line of business, the pursuit, snail friend that has daring and resolution walks into the United States together, 0 distances, 360° researchs American market, the road of the foreign trade that is an enterprise lays next good foundations.

How research a law?

   Attend the United States to pull this exhibit

Fastener of major of 3 big famous international exhibits the whole world meeting —— United States pulls Siweijiasi fastener is exhibited meeting, the major that lets you and numerous and professional fastener and equipment buys the home to communicate face-to-face, understand foreign prices.

   Visit Fast Rite, Magni, ND Industries

Cent of ——Fast Rite (of business of famous fastener of direct visiting place sells business) , Magni(finishing) , ND Industries(prevents a pine to handle) , learn battalion of already of outstanding look forward to and management.

   Visit Motor Corporation of general, Ford

Visit the world-renowned Motor Corporation such as general, Ford, those who inspect Chicago of city of American mid industry and car Detroit market, analyse local case on the spot, aid you to develop overseas market a helping hand.

   Inspect Chicago university

Visiting United States’ famous Chicago university, understanding place teachs culture.

   Charge detail

Remarks: Above charge already included the traffic of international airline ticket, abroad, hotel, have dinner, charge such as entrance ticket, do not include domestic liaison man cost and other the cost that all home produce, also do not include any place expenditure of other and private sex.

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