Swiss Bossard group 2017 battalion carries expression shows g

Published on 2019-05-11

 The 2017 battalion carry expression first half of the year show Swiss Bossard group growth trend. relatively at 2016 first half of the year, net income grows 44.7% come to 4, man of 5.3 million luck. This includes the extra net income of man of 4.5 million luck; Integrated sale increases 15% come to man of 395.1 million luck; The growing contribution that buys strategy to also be opposite this is quite much; Deduct bought sales volume to grow 9.5% come to man of 376.1 million luck; The sale that violent wind promotes first half of the year this year and gaining profit also is politic to growing in order to gain profit to direct affirmation.

       Bossard is in the whole world each market area is growth, basically be American business. America business has quite big growth at present, the sales volume of this market area grows 32.3% to man of 114.3 million luck, these data also include to buy the share of American Arnold Industries before.

Occupy its to always sell the European business of near 57% to have remarkable contribution to the substantial expression of the group. The sale of this market area increases 7.5% to man of 223.3 million luck, with place monetary plan is to increase 8.6% .

Asian business also is behaved first half of the year this year not common. Before the sale is compared one the year’s harvest is long 16.2% to 5, man of 7.5 million luck.

In light of whole, bossard group increases in the net income of on 2017 half 44.7% to 4, man of 5.3 million luck. Also include to offer the man of 4.5 million luck in Austrian old foothold in the raise on this income extra income.