Increase production of enlarge of company of American Vampire

Published on 2019-05-11

 The VamPLIERSTM screw with clear and puissant hair of Vampire Tools company is special forceps. This company catchs the market firmly, those who rolled out brand-new RSE-60 to contain groove screw is special take out implement. This tool can be firm the screw of bite into slippery tooth, its innovation designs the capacity that brings without precedent in history, can take out the M3~M5 screw that contain groove or is heavy head.

RSE-60 and the kind that take out before are in differently, those who depend on it is simple. It need not power source motivation and bore, use at also needing to use mallet when the screw of slippery tooth commonly child. To slipping badly the screw of the tooth, it is accessary also broach of spare special design, should use mallet simply only child knock, broach goes in with respect to meeting getting, the operation that lets take out screw becomes easy to do.

Besides two broach with accessary RSE-60, vampire Tools company is studying the broach with new hair, allow an user can more take out other standard fastener easily.