The European Union is right ferrochrome of experience China l

Published on 2018-08-13

 On June 23, 2017, european Union committee releases announcement to say, should the low carbon ferrochrome with exclusive European Union of delegate of Association Of European Ferro-alloy Producers (the application that Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH of business of production of Low Carbon Ferro-Chrome) offerred on May 10, 2017, european Union committee undertakes to originating in ferrochrome of low carbon of China, Russia and Osmanli formerly put on record is investigated turning over a dumping. Encode of CN(Combined Nomenclature) of European Union of experience case product is 7202 49 50.

Exit just should be in since the day that this announcement releases inside 15 days the requirement according to this announcement accessory I mentions to European Union committee should appeal to register. The day that releases from this announcement rises, european Union committee will not be later than 9 months to be made to this case cut into parts first. This case dumping and damage investigation period to be on April 1, 2016 ~2017 year on March 31.