Shi Luofu of the heart inside Holand publishs new generation tall productivity to tighten firm system

Published on 2019-05-11

 Nedschroef of supplier of technology of European lead close firm published a name to be the close firm system of TICnut® recently. TICnut® contented nowadays is aimed at apply to material of template of more laminose gold, superposition and the component with all sorts of qualitative material concatenate demand. Wisdom changes norms to make TICnut® OK be in alloy is not received to belong to below the circumstance of bore beforehand. Improve productivity and the manufacturer that raise investment pay rate to wanting for, small amount, tough the TICnut with easy treatment®(Nut of the riveting inside laminose gold) can increase production productivity.

   TICnut®The advantage is:

   Province cost: Cheaper than bond labor law

  Reliability is high: Apply specific heat to solder Jiang Ren

  Provide diversity: Can apply each other character with a variety of material

  Have environmental friendlying sex: Economic data, clean and quiet

  Businesslike: Mix quickly easy treatment

High reliability, Jiang Ren and use the flexibility that allows TICnut® to become ideal easily board gold, bodywork framework, batholith, inside outfit and the fixed joint means of electric subsystem. This nut can use tool of advance gradually type and classical combination law to undertake full automatic close solid. Ned Shiluofudi expects for including to enter the system is mixed those who safeguard is all-around service program. Anthology match hold a tool to be able to undertake be mixinged quickly, simply in any real environments reliable nut joint.

TICnut® whorl dimension has from M5-M8, and can install be in at ply 0.1 with the Ban gold between 1.2 Mm.