Tian Jia takes a surname general recall is specific model of ES 350 of annals of 2017 style approach undertakes nut loosens to check

Published on 2019-05-11

 Car of abundant cropland Canada announces to will be opposite Canadian churchyard is specific section of ES 350 car of style approach annals undertook recall carries out safe examination 2017. About 19 cars can be affected.

Of these cars on the right side of fixed column the possibility was not originallied closely to install appropriate. In certain case, time one long, drive drift; may be controlled in may hearing travel of noise; car or car may out of control. This meeting increases risk hitting a car.

Be aimed at all sufferring to affect vehicle, approach mark dealer will is opposite on the right side of fixed column whether is the nut that go up made affirm by appropriate locking. If lock up solid nut to loosen, agency will change freely the nut that lock up solid, hold accuse gear component and fixed column package. All sufferring influence car vehicle advocate rise in July oneself will receive announcement letter in succession.