Committee of management of south Africa international trade is urged cancel to be increased the custom duty of stainless steel fastener

Published on 2019-05-11

 Fastenright is cancelling the custom duty of stainless steel fastener that applied on April 1 please in sound. This custom duty is by commerce industry this year the ministry was passed in June, intention is the fastener manufacturing industry that the protective custom duty that passes through hot-rolling coil will come to to protect place.

South Africa international trade runs committee (the 15%~30% that ITAC) received manufacturer of fastener of a few home to ask the custom duty stainless steel fastener raises World Trade Organization to limit.

Fastenright company standing director Mr Rainer Lutz points out, place can produce the stainless steel fastener of standard of the dimension that accords with customer demand, quality or crop without manufacturer. As a lot of suppliers same, fastenright company basically is from obtain approbated Asia and fastener of stainless steel of European supplier import, these suppliers have raw material attestation, the quality that can affirm raw material is good. These “ products go is to avoid custom duty, but the victim under the neglect that importer of fastener of south Africa stainless steel became custom duty of stainless steel fastener to carry out now. ”

Mr Rainer Lutz thinks, to the manufacturer of stainless steel fastener of special minority, the protection that this custom duty can provide or incentive effect are very little, because of local manufacturer cannot the product of compare international manufacturer can obtain gender, character or price. His concern can have more by hook and crook the supplier tries to import the goods with heading and wrong custom duty, get get benefit undeservedly.

Manufacturers Association of south Africa fastener is to the response of Fastenright company, the stainless steel fastener that association already decided to Fastenright company is imported is not be produced by south Africa manufacturer, but do not include stainless steel tooth among them, fastenright company agrees with a tooth the standard that must accept tariff, in order to protect the manufacturer of south Africa place.

Mr Rainer Lutz says: “ if we manage the application that committee offers to fail to south Africa international trade, we must be forced to rise in price, because we cannot be absorbed new executive import tariff. All suppliers face same dilemma, this meeting causes industry of stainless steel of whole south Africa to produce a Peng, the influence uses the product that stainless steel fastener will come to assemble to other need. ”

Current, committee of management of south Africa international trade already was urged cancel to be increased the custom duty of stainless steel fastener.