American Novaria group is finished buy Space-Lok company

Published on 2019-05-11

 Novaria group announces and bought boat too leader Space-Lok of the industry, inc. Company. Space-Lok company will be brought into the banner of this fastener branch issues Novaria Fastening Systems. Collect of this fastener branch boat is supplied in complete beauty too the boat of manufacturer too fastener vendor.

All Space-Lok company special design, research and development, industries that make fastener of whorl of high quality inside and outside and spare parts give Hang Taihan the lid. Its headquarters is located in los angeles area, establishment covers complete high end to make equipment and advanced test laboratory, and production establishment include CNC lathe work, cold hot forge, boil silk, abrade, EDM lathe work, attack whorl, tool to produce.

Novaria group carries out total deputy Mr Earl Larkin to express: The fastener branch of “Novaria group passes through a career grow and of politic sex buy the growth that witnessed exponential fold. Continue to retain on the course that the company can maintain Space-Lok to grow here existing group. ”