The United States is right flange of experience China stainless steel is started double turn over investigation of put on record

Published on 2019-05-11

 On September 6, 2017, should American flange produces business alliance (Coalition Of American Flange Producers) and Core Pipe Products of its member company, inc. With the application that Maass Flange Corporation submitted on August 16, 2017, american Department of Commerce announces to be mixed formally from China to the entrance stainless steel flange of India (Stainless Steel Flanges) is started instead dumping and turn over investigation of allowance put on record. This case involves the United States to coordinate duty tax bugle call 7307.21.1000 leave a product with 7307.21.5000.

Committee of American international trade (ITC) predicts will damage at the industry is being made to this case before October 2, 2017 cut into parts first. If the ruling is cut into parts to reasonable evidence shows the entrance is mixed from China at the beginning of committee of American international trade,experience case product of India caused materiality to damage to American country industry or existence materiality damages menace, american Department of Commerce will continue to undertake investigating to this case, predict to will be made to this case in November 2017 cut into parts at the beginning of allowance instead, will make in January 2018 cut into parts at the beginning of the dumping instead. Be like committee of American international trade to make an industry damage negatory ruling to this case, criterion this case investigation is stopped.

According to statistic, the amount of stainless steel flange that the United States imported from China and India 2016 parts to be mixed for 16.3 million dollar about 32.1 million dollar, entrance gross is mixed for 2454 metric ton about respectively 8031 metric ton.