Germany of exploration of station of Germany of round-the-world investigation group tightens Chinese screw net 4 forward position develop industry of look forward to

Published on 2018-06-21

In October 14-21 day, by company of Schatz of German Zwick/Roell group, Germany, Shanghai at present Wei overcomes mechanical equipment limited company to sponsor, the station of Germany of —— of round-the-world investigation group that Chinese screw exports the by a definite date that the net undertakes 8 days is about to begin.

   Second activity is here medium, you will reap the following gain:

1, master newest Europe bolt to make, test technology information and development tendercy

   2, the communication communication of enterprise of the heart in strengthening, arteries and veins of patulous industry person

    3, speak with tall canal, thorough enterprise interior sees product line, draw lessons from overmatch wisdom and technology

4, experience German industry on the spot the newest development of 4, realize gain of advanced science and technology

  Mobile schedule arranges:

One, Wei of at present of visiting Germany Zwick/Roell restrains a company

Europe’s biggest experiment mechanism makes headquarters, found 1854, it is 500 strong companies of Germany. Those who offer the whole world to precede is full automatic material checks intelligent solution, test domain covers a car, aerospace, the metal is metalloid, composite material, each industries such as building materials. Found and hold international material to check forum TestXpo26 continuously year, build material of a whole world relevant test company, the cooperative platform of college institute.

   Visiting window:

1, more than 2000 material experts that come from global each district, test expert, university academy scholar, administrator of top-ranking industry lab attends the meeting jointly attend company of 25 large instruments to exhibit at the same time the equipment of lab of newest research and development of 250 different types.

2, forum distributes a car, spaceflight spaceflight, metal, metalloid composite material, the major such as medical treatment is divisional.

   3, the corresponding period is aimed at fastener material drawing showpiece, fatigue, high temperature, screw constructional newest equipment sees newest ZWICK industry 4 order turn production, flexible product line.

2, Company of visiting Germany Schatz

German Schatz company held water 1955, devote oneself to to develop all sorts of bolt to assemble the solution that assures with quality all the time. Run a program through strict quality, those who provided world latest technology, and the torque that passes DAkks examine and verify is metric lab, provide high quality product and service for the client. Offer from portable spot torque, axial force is measured, screw to complex unifinication assemble a lab,

Cover test of fastener coefficient of friction, axial force checks, transverse vibration, leftover torque is analysed, the complete solution that the spot screws the tool manages establishs SCHATZ to screw technical institute, give priority to engine plant for a long time, fastener business offers technical qualified personnel to groom service.

   Visiting window:

1, the newest and banner fastener test on the world before the spot experiences eye detects reach a process to control a technology

   2, communication of European expert spot solves fastener quality to dominate technical Germany industry the 4 application on fastener quality control

3, senior expert introduces, how to design, program bolt screws assemble a lab

   4, Schatz screws academic classroom: The mechanism that fastener shakes and be on guard measure

3, Visiting Germany (Wafios) Weifusi shapes technical company

Germany (Wafios) Weifusi shapes technical company is production industry of the world’s banner wire and machine of treatment tubal material, also be in at the same time cold figuration (especially of nob machine make) the domain created remarkable success.

WAFIOS mastered wire and the top class skill of treatment tubal material, developing continuously is the objective that its pursue from beginning to end. Main facility included the machine that a variety of offerring different applying, offer optimal solution for wire and tubal material treatment.

   Visiting window:

1, solution of complete set cold figuration

   2, industry of “ of implementation part product 4”–Domain of high-grade of SMR 2.6 of miniature screw machining center leads continuously, be aimed at the lukewarm Dui machine of titanium alloy material for instance, equipment of lukewarm rub silk

3, demonstrate equipment: Miniature screw machining center, pour horny chance the cold Dui machine, rub silk machine, machine that attack a tooth, automatically

4, Visiting Germany IFU shapes technical institute