Look forward to of short for Shaanxi Province of 326 million pound buys British aviation component to create a company

Published on 2018-06-21

 China appears on the market Inc. of resource of coloured of stone of company Shaanxi refine (refine stone coloured) announced in London recently, finish manufacturer of pair of British aviation component to add heart accept aviation to control a limited company with 326 million pound (Gardner) buy.

The reporter learns, the company is business principal part with rare metal mining industry before this, rely on opposite to produce the exploration of the rare metal rhenium of aviation engine and alloy of gas turbine high temperature and high temperature lamina to disentomb, march stage by stage aviation engine domain. Buy after finishing, rely on bilateral industry to expand a dominant position, offer the aviation engine that is Chinese own research and development and unmanned opportunity top-ranking international to supply catenary to serve.

Adding heart offer company is Europe’s lead aerospace component production and system the compositive and large company that cross a state, business includes aerospace component to make, assemble, maintenance. The company is the enterprise such as empty guest one class supplier, its product applies extensively at type of empty guest brunt. Company money newspaper shows, newest year sale is 130 million pound, profit specified number is 15 million pound.

Through early days tripartite is investigated and the company is prudent grind sentence, company of decision of refine stone coloured and company Hong Kong are wholy-owned in November 2016 limited company of investment of subsidiary refine stone buys Gardner aviation 100% equity, both sides is signed ” forgive memorandum ” wait for relevant file.