Association of European fastener jobber publishs industry of current fastener distribute to show besides report

Published on 2018-06-21

 Association of European fastener jobber publishs the name consolidates for < future > case report, be as long as the industry of European fastener distribute that the report development of 16 pages analyses 21 centuries. Association director Dr. Volker Lederer expresses: ” the purpose of this file is to let personnel of European politics personage, government organization and Moses supply the complexity of catenary to have more thorough knowledge to nowadays fastener. “

He says: “Association lasts on a lot of levels to undertake osculatory with European Union Executive Board and European parliament member. Industry of each domain of nowadays fastener importer and jobber support Europe offers European economy to develop wants working opportunity and contribution, but the understanding of this kind of part that the outside acts to them is limited, and in a lot of respects it is antiquated. And in a lot of respects it is antiquated..

This industry is by Europe 2, 500 main jobber are comprised, recruit more than 44, 000 capable labor, and the goods in stock that hold exceeds 2 billion euro, < consolidates future > one article offerred brachylogy in the light of this industry and extensive opinion, this industry supplies more than 130 thousand kinds of different component every year, overbalance 10 billion euro.

"< consolidates future > the message that transmit, the industry that is us cannot be in below the environment one evening makes statute an any changes. Face the complex requirement that the client raises continuously, distribute industry had had change thoroughly. We now is the politic contributor that supporting this industry together, invest those who increase each other is equipment, concatenate will manage complex whole world effectively to supply chain with human relation, include to be purchased in the whole world and supply fastener. We hope this contribution is obtained approbate, and also should be mirrorred in code in the environment, in order to realize the European enterprise mutual join in the whole world, also need to exhibit meeting and free commerce platform to have reliable supply in order to ensure catenary will develop future. “Association director Dr. Volker Lederer says so.