Nut may shake Woerwo to want recall part to import recall

Published on 2018-06-21

 Total bureau of national qualitative check 27 days of messages, because be put in safe hidden trouble, part of the recall since Wo Erwo this day is imported 2014 car of batholith of paragraph FE series, chinese mainland area involves 21 in all.

A few days ago, wo Erwo (China) investment limited company put on record to total bureau of national qualitative check recall plan, will rise on May 27 from this year, recall was imported to the part that produces during May 20, 2016 on December 16, 2014 2014 car of batholith of paragraph FE series, according to this company statistic, chinese mainland area involves 21 in all.

Because car of the part inside this second recall limits produces traditional thread binding to compound a problem, the close solid torque of car rear leaf spring and the fixed nut that link of car bridge hanger is in did not achieve normative requirement, in car long-term travel issues this to secure nut to may become loose further at the circumstance of rough calm road surface, bring about rear wheel tire unusual wear away, the balata lining that abnormal knocking of rear suspension system, leaf spring and link of Che Liang hanger are in is unusual wear away. Below certain circumstance, should secure bolt to may rupture, affect car stability under transport condition, put in safe hidden trouble.

Wo Erwo will check the fixed nut of leaf spring and place of link of Che Liang hanger for the car inside recall limits, component of system of the suspension after be opposite according to checking a result undertakes changing, in order to eliminate flaw.

Relevant user should drive carefully, if discover afore-mentioned breakdown phenomena,answer agency of accredit of seasonable nearby connection undertakes checking. The user should contact agency to undertake maintaining as soon as possible after recall action begins.

Wo Erwo will inform a client with the form such as registered letter. The user can be passed dial 4008188999(of Wo Erwo hot line machine or mobile phone all but) the pertinent information that gets this recall.