What exhibit about Shanghai fastener major is important declare

Published on 2018-06-21

What exhibit about Shanghai fastener major is important declare

 Company of individual recently exhibition passes a network to wait a few more dispersed disloyal opinion on public affairs, the purpose is promiscuous seeing and hearing, the name of the fame that major of fastener of Shanghai of have the aid of exhibits and guild undertakes flutter conduct propaganda wait, to this, we make a statement as follows:

1. Shanghai fastener major is exhibited (since FASTENER EXPO SHANGHAI) is begun first in Shanghai from June 2010, got coming from China and abroad 20 many countries and region industry line of business person support, already held 8 continuously, make the whole world only part fastener applies with material, equipment, mould, finished product, technology and the height is met forum is exhibited at the internationalization major of an organic whole, for global fastener domain 3 exhibit greatly one of meetings.

2. Shanghai fastener major is exhibited establish by Chinese screw net, rise from 2015 and ITE group is joint-stock the operation main body that establishs the search on “ Shanghai to exhibit limited company ” to be exhibited as Shanghai fastener major, register capital to be a RMB 30 million yuan, code of enterprise society credence is: 91310000350670485C, the cooperation of investment both sides of joint-stock company is cheerful.

3. (

) the registered trade mark that graph of Oriental bright phearl exhibits for Shanghai fastener major, already obtained national brand bureau to register certificate formally. The registered trade mark that companies of any blame brand hold or individual use this exhibiting illegally to meet all attributes illegal action, my company will lawfully thought fors the time being.

4. Chinese screw net regards Shanghai fastener major as the partner that exhibit, will meet to exhibit as always provide data support and promotion service. In the meantime, The Luosi.com below division of Chinese screw network and ChinaFastener.com website still are met to exhibit appoint media.

   Exhibit website of can only government to be:

5. To satisfy the requirement that extends meeting development further, shanghai fastener major was exhibited 2018 move the “ country of area of bridge of division Shanghai big rainbow can exhibit central ” , this meeting exhibits a center is Shanghai not only also be the building with the at present oldest area on the world monomer peace conference exhibits synthesis, exhibit meeting time to be: In June 2018 20 to 22 days.

6. The flutter job that the Shanghai fastener major June 2018 postpones already started a many month, major previous term or session postpones business already add autograph, will open in the round next month exhibit business newly to book; at the same time, ITE group exhibits the Indian fastener that relies on a banner to fall and Russia fastener and 200 many international exhibit the giant database buying the home of the meeting to be a Shanghai fastener major to exhibit turn global dimensions into the the biggest, most professional fastener grand meeting and continue hard!

7. There are ten volumes every year in China exhibit related differ screw meeting, we are imitated all the time, never be surmounted! ” Mencius ” say: Clear person from Qing Dynasty, chaotic person from chaotic. Shanghai fastener major exhibits the brand of this hard-earned, had become the platform of industry communication, inside and outside sells the bridge of commerce, also be the pride of all China fastener person at the same time!

   8.Shanghai fastener exhibited basic material 2018

  Exhibit meeting name: Major of 2018 Shanghai fastener is exhibited and fastener of car of the 9th Shanghai is exhibited

  Show time: In June 2018 20-22 day

  Show a location: The country can exhibit a center (Shanghai)

  Sponsor an unit: Ai Teyi (Asia) the search on exhibition limited company, Shanghai shows limited company

  Official media: Screw of Chinese screw net, Chinese exports a net

  Official website:

  Shanghai enrols trade department

Phone: 021-6180 6789 fax: 021-6148 3635

Address: Road of Wu Song of area of Shanghai rainbow mouth 575 SOHO edifice 1703 rooms

  Guangzhou enrols trade department

Phone: 020-8210 1186 fax: 020-8210 1690

Address: Area of Guangzhou city yellow Bu initiates a highway 2707 10 thousand amount to square 1801 rooms of B1 ridgepole

 Identify major of fastener of accurate “ Shanghai to exhibit ” brand please, beware sham! State hereby!

Shanghai fastener major is exhibited

The search on Shanghai shows limited company

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