Hot-rolling board coils exit rises in price

Published on 2019-05-11

 Near future hot-rolling board coil to carry export price is small litre, with price of each country resource difference narrows. Jin Lian achieves analyst Xu Cuiyun to express, in the international battlefield that grow in intensity, hot-rolling board coils export advantage is in abate, later period heats up an outlet pressure to increase.

Hot-rolling board coils is it is raw material with board base, classics finish rolling aircrew is reached to make strip steel by roughing aircrew after heating. Hot-rolling board coils the hot metal strip that from finish rolling last rolling mill comes out cools through laminar flow to set temperature, coil by metal strip of reel-up machine roll into, the metal strip after refrigeration coils, according to the diverse demand of the user, coil through diverse finishing line is machined and making armor plate, level reach product of straight-cut metal strip, it is one of breed of our country’s main rolled steel exit.

At present hot-rolling board coils exit resource price 530 dollars / ton, relatively went up on June 30 60 yuan / ton, go up in 12.77%; relatively went up on July 31 20 yuan / ton, go up a 3.77%; suffer resource of Chinese home market to rise in price pull move, heat up an export price to rise. At the same time market of European rolled steel has steelworks to begin to try to raise price, price difference is progressively and narrow between price of domestic natural resources and international market resource.

2 quarters heated up an export volume to rise 2017. 4-6 month hot-rolling board roll export volume all keeps small ascendant current, exported quantity Yi Chengzeng to add a sequel last year compared to the same period. June our country hot-rolling board roll exit measures annulus comparing to increase, hot-rolling board coils exit gross is one million three hundred and forty-eight thousand four hundred tons, annulus comparing increases one hundred and twenty-two thousand five hundred tons or 10%; increases 48 thousand tons compared to the same period, amplitude is 3.7% . Hot-rolling board coiled in June day all exports a quantity to be forty-four thousand nine hundred tons, day all annulus comparing increases 5400 tons, heat up an exit to still maintain small to increase a current.

Comparative 2016 with heated up an export data first quarter 2017, heated up a general carbon to heat up an export volume to be three million nine hundred and sixty-six thousand five hundred tons first quarter 2016, heated up an export volume to be three million seven hundred and eighty-six thousand six hundred tons first quarter 2017, drop compared to the same period one hundred and sixty-nine thousand nine hundred tons, fall in 4.29% . 2 quarters heated up a general carbon to heat up an export volume to be three million five hundred and eleven thousand one hundred tons 2016, 2 quarters heated up an export volume to be three million seven hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred tons 2017, increase two hundred and seventy-six thousand three hundred tons compared to the same period, amplitude is in 7.78% . 2 quarters export a quantity to pick up somewhat,

According to data of statistic of customs total office, our country exported rolled steel in July 2017 6.96 million tons, relatively increased 150 thousand tons in June, drop compared to the same period 32.4% . Accumulative total of 1-7 month our country exports rolled steel 47.95 million tons, drop compared to the same period 28.7% . Exit of only month rolled steel still is maintained increase a current, but from 1-7 month accumulative total export volume looks, its exit speed also is putting delay.

Difference of international resource price is narrow, market dominant position is cut down. From the price that at present each country and China export resource poor contrast looks, among them the United States and resource of Korea market entrance export resource to maintain fair value to differ with China as before, the enterprise can arrange export order; appropriately difference of price of resource of other country entrance is lesser, of short duration does not have export advantage. Value of resource of market of near future European Union is little cut, with China difference of exit resource price narrows, heat up an export volume to also decrease subsequently to our region. International battlefield smoke of gunpowder diffuses as before, turn over dumping incident to emerge in endlessly. Europe appoint meeting to what China exports hot-rolling board coils those who collect 18.1%-35.9% oppose dumping tax, suffer this effect, china exports an European Union hot-rolling board coils to had decreased considerably.