The home made product in strengthening native manufacturing industry to protect India to be opposite launchs 12 investigation

Published on 2018-06-21

 The report imprinted on July 10 intermediary says, according to coverage of Chinese nation media, india is enhancing the protective strength of pair of native manufacturing industry, india already launched 12 investigation to Chinese product this year, the amount is next to the United States. Meanwhile, according to the newest statistic number of Chinese customs total office, imprint in bilateral trading business volume is growing.

According to ” times of Indian Si Tan ” the website reported on July 7, ” China Daily ” the data of total office of cite China customs says: “ this year 1 to in May, imprint in bilateral trading business volume achieves 229 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 30.1% compared to the same period. ”

Concerned official is right ” China Daily ” the reporter says, india is enhancing the protective strength of pair of native manufacturing industry, be opposite especially high-end product branch.

Xue Rongjiu says vice-chairman of seminar of Chinese World Trade Organization: We still discover “ , the trend that India starts commerce to relieve investigation already from in the light of the low end such as dress, glass and mineral products the product changes direction to wait for high-end product in the light of new material and machinery. ”

The investigation that India launchs to Chinese product involves aluminum foil and photoelectricity product to wait.

Li Gang of assistant dean of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Chinese Department of Commerce says: “ because of the structure of Indian manufacturing industry and China similar, mix in illume especially photoelectricity industry, because this both sides faces same problem: How to increase to developing the exit of the market. ”

Li Gang points out, as a result of in imprint both sides has similar sex in manufacturing industry domain, indian “ develops competition in tripartite market and China on one hand, strengthened the protective strength ” to native manufacturing industry on one hand.

Afore-mentioned reports say: “ India still is aimed at include the United States, Wukelan, Iran and Kenya inside the country adopted commerce to relieve measure, these measure involve a series of agriculture and manufacturing industry product. ”

2016, india is right China unfavorable balance of trade is 52 billion dollar about. Because Indian exit decreases to Chinese iron ore and adverse balance of trade expands.

Before 2017 4 months, india exported value to China the iron ore of 1.04 billion dollar, grow nearly 45% compared to the same period, in thrust was moved, imprint of bilateral trading business volume increase.