Japanese KYOCERA company buys company of SENCO of American fastener manufacturer

Published on 2018-06-21

 Japanese Kyocera company announced on August 7 and buy laborious of American Ohio laborious to carry city fastener and tool manufacturer SENCO Holdings then, inc. 100% equity of company. This company also already by more the name is KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools, inc.

The SENCO company that established 1948 is household, commerce, make and fastener of building application domain and the lead firm of the dynamoelectric tool that tighten solid. Senco company chooses with superior product quality and diversification famed, the product includes system of pneumatic and dynamoelectric hammer gun, screw to wait. The production of SENCO company and be on sale are emphasized in the United States and Europe, the product exceeds 40 states sale in the whole world.

Kyocera company took the place of 1970 enter industrial tool market, offer high speed metal to machine a tool, extend steadily to electron, boat too, car, medical treatment and domain of tool of carpentry domain nicety. Kyocera company bought European Unimerco group 2011 (product line of close solid tool also adds after the name is Kyocera Unimerco) now, company of OK and tie-in SENCO is tightening the professional synchronism of solid tool and fastener market for a long time to offer fine quality product. By means of buys SENCO company, kyocera company plan increases his to tighten solid tool and fastener sale to 40 billion yen before annual account of the finance affairs end March 2021.