By what to say the United States tightens look forward to is closer than China look forward to more outstanding?

Published on 2018-06-21

By what to say the United States tightens look forward to is closer than China look forward to more outstanding?

 A few days ago, sheet of a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of rich and powerful person of group of global science and technology released Forbes 2017, be in the following in the sheet of a list of names posted up of before 10, the United States is exclusive 8 banquet, china is occupied 2 banquet. Must say, american is having its outstanding place in respect of innovation of science and technology.

Be in not only bound of science and technology, industry of scan widely fastener, american is worth the place that we learn to also have a lot of.

For convenient more screw person goes door going abroad, walk into the United States, chinese screw exports net general on October 16 – the fastener market investigation group that will organize by a definite date 9 days on October 24, take you to visit American place famous fastener cent sells industry of business, fastener to take the lead sheep and as the whole world 3 big fastener are exhibited one of the United States western exhibit, 0 distances contact foreign market, open explores the brigade of American fastener market.

So, what well-known company is there?

   Fast Rite

Fast Rite company, fastener industry knows v/arc a person’s status to sell business, held water 1992, chicago of headquarters locate United States, have 30000 square foot storehouse base. Spread all over and other places of the United States, Asia, Mexico at minute o’clock, before be the world 300 strong companies, factory provides OEM service.


   A scene shot on location of Fast Rite company

Fast Rite workshop

Fast Rite has the advanced equipment that pack and storehouse management technology. The laboratory that complete computerization runs, offer the service of high grade fastener product and international level to experience for the client, pass integrated personnel, technology and experience, in assure to produce while character is measured, ensure demand of measure of contented client product.


Magni(beautiful thrust augmentation) held water 1974, devote oneself to to research and development is made and use high-powered preservative coating, outspread product service life. Headquarters of beautiful thrust augmentation is in the United States Birmingham, remove African zone, beautiful thrust augmentation built metallic finishing and technical center in world each district, the facilities of form a complete set that waits for a country through the United States, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea serves global client.

   Magni big event

Coating of beautiful thrust augmentation is besmeared by many 200 Fu manufacturer is used, have the chemical technology of the first of all and outstanding engineer, ensure the quality of coating, chroma and expiration period. Typical client has car of Shanghai masses, general motors, Ford, Kelaisile, Foss, Deerfu, run quickly, INTIER.

   ND Industries(is firm)

ND Industries is the household company that established 1955, headquarters locate rests closely a Detroit, major is engaged in machining the fastener that prevent a pine to handle, serve global market, already had development history of more than 60 years up to now. Core business is get on all sorts of material application at fastener and component, decide in order to help fastener product lock, sealed, obstruct, lubricant, reduce noise and reduce oscillatory obstruction to wait.

   A scene shot on location of ND Industries company

ND Industriesc workshop

ND Industries owns the chemical expert group of the first of all and advanced lab facility, the patent that has product and technology in the whole world 48, uncertain patent 42, seek advice through offerring personalized major and be product research and development of the center with the client, come to what satisfy and surmount a client expect hope.

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