New Zealand coils to experience China reinforcing steel bar and hot-rolling board initiate turn over a dumping to turn over allowance to investigate

Published on 2018-06-21

 On August 15, 2017, should company of iron and steel of Pacific Ocean of delegate of industry of New Zealand country (the application that Pacific Steel) submitted on March 10, 2017, new Zealand commerce, innovation and decision of obtain employment department are right the reinforcing steel bar that originates in China and Malaysia formerly and hot-rolling coil board (Reinforcing Steel Bar And Coil) is initiated turn over investigation of dumping put on record, turn over investigation of allowance put on record to importing the experience case product from China to initiate at the same time. This case may involve 7213.10.90\01E of encode of New Zealand custom, 7213.10.90\09E, 7213.91.90\01J, 7213.91.90\05A, 7213.91.90\09D to wait for a next products.