Canada turns over reexamine of dumping case sunset to seek each opinion with respect to carbolic stencil steel

Published on 2018-06-21

 Court of Canadian international trade (CITT) will decide to whether be opposite on October 3, 2017 the carbolic stencil steel that originates in China formerly (Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel) turns over dumping measure to launch sunset reexamine investigation, each are terrible the related side can be in forward on August 30, 2017 CITT is handed over participate in review application, the official comment opinion that refer support before September 8 or objects initiating sunset reexamine to investigate.

Add pair of China carbon stencil steel to turn over dumping case to launched investigation 1997, reexamine falls via much morrow after, add Fang Jun ruling to maintain oppose dumping measure, should turn over dumping measure to will expire on January 7, 2018.