American Watermill group buys British fastener to make jobber Cooper Turner

Published on 2018-06-21

 Investment firm The Watermill Group has finished the United States to cross a boundary and buy Andaray (Holdings) Limited to reach its direct / indirect subsidiary Cooper&Turner(is located in whole world of system of fastener of industry of diameter of British high strenth, spread cables to make jobber) . Firm of the sources of energy of the wind-force on the market, building, acting labour, railroad and tunnel construction lead comparatives in high quality product the metropolis below fundamental condition seeks Cooper&Turner offers his to apply at extreme environment and the close firm plan that cannot drop.

The Cooper of heart of Er of Xue Fei of headquarters locate England&Turner is produced with politic sex fixed position and the distribute foothold of enlarge and European Union, China and United States serves global client group. Network of this whole world lets Cooper&Turner can be offerred without seam one-stop and the industrial fastener that can satisfy high quality standard is made and sell program. This company will pass through existing product line, production dot and distribute foothold to deliver continuously get accredit and high quality experience euqally, synchronous new product, service and market business chance are pursued in global each district.

Buy Cooper&Turner will deepen the position that Watermill is in England.