The United States is right in imprint stainless steel flange is initiated double instead investigation

Published on 2018-06-21

 American Department of Commerce announces 6 days, initiate to the product of stainless steel flange that imports from China and India instead dumping and combat subsidy (“ double turn over ”) to investigate.

American Department of Commerce made a statement that day say, launching afore-mentioned investigation is the appeal of alliance of business of production of flange of response United States and its member. Afore-mentioned products that their accusation imports from China and India are 99.23%-257.11% and 78.49%-145.25% respectively in the dumping profit margin of American market, at the same time accusation produced business and exporter to accept inequitable governmental subsidy related this two countries.

Relieve policy process according to American commerce, committee of American international trade will on October 2 around makes preliminary finding. If this commission ruling has evidence to show afore-mentioned products from China and Indian entrance are right,the industry causes materiality to browbeat related the United States or damage, american Department of Commerce turns over proceed dumping and turn over allowance investigation, predict to will part to make preliminary finding with respect to allowance and dumping profit margin in January with next year in November this year.

Data of American Department of Commerce shows, the United States parted to be mixed for 16.3 million dollar about from China and the amount that India imports this kind of product 2016 32.1 million dollar.

American Department of Commerce still expresses, came on January 20 this year on September 6, american Department of Commerce already initiated 62 to turn over dumping and turn over allowance investigation, grow 41% compared to the same period. This shows the government increased Telangpu apparently commerce relieves investigation strength.

Chinese Department of Commerce expresses for many times, government of hope United States is scrupulouslied abide by oppose trade protectionism compliance, safeguard free, open, just international trade environment jointly, handle trade friction with more rational method appropriate.