China suffers amount of trade friction case to still reside perch

Published on 2018-06-21

China suffers amount of trade friction case to still reside perch

 On July 6, department of Commerce holds routine news briefing, news spokesman height is introducing when the home made product in first half of the year suffers commerce to relieve investigation condition this year, express, china suffers commerce to relieve investigation case amount and amount to all have first half of the year drop, but 5 years with the past photograph of the corresponding period compares overall wave motion not quite, still be in perch.

According to height introduction, this year first half of the year, chinese product suffers 37 commerce that come from 15 countries and area to initiate to relieve investigation in all, turn over a dumping 28 cases among them, combat subsidy 4 cases, ensure measure 5 cases amount of amount of; experience record 5.3 billion dollar. Amount of case of trade relief investigation and experience record amount are compared the corresponding period dropped 28 cases to mix respectively last year 3.2 billion dollar.

It is reported, india and United States are right first half of the year this year China amount of product put on record is maximum, mix 11 cases for 12 respectively; is light industrial product and mechanical and electrical products are the ” of “ heavy disaster area that suffers commerce to relieve investigation. Among them, light industrial product by amount of put on record most, amount to amount of record of experience of; mechanical and electrical products 10 cases highest, by put on record 3, experience record amount amounts to 2.3 billion dollar.

Add up to organization, U.N. trade to send the conference to be released jointly recently according to WTO, classics ” group commerce invests 20 countries measure reports ” , china remains commerce to relieve the country of the biggest target of investigation at present.

The height emphasizes particularly, china objects commerce relieving the abuse of measure, international trade is mutually beneficial mutual benefit, commerce relieves measure to ought to accord with the regulation of WTO, ought to restrict the reasonable limit that compensating fair trade in. “ hopes each country passes the means such as collaboration of negotiation communication, industry to dissolve attrition, anabiosis for world economy jointly and last healthy progress builds favorable environment, common form builds human destiny community. ”