Company of Shi Luofu of the heart inside Holand buys company of German CP Tech

Published on 2018-06-21

 Company of Shi Luofu of the heart inside Holand buys company of German CP Tech, pass through this and buy, shiluofu wants the heart inside Holand to become as industrial and commercial as era coact to develop in advance car to develop the high end of the plan to design a company from transition of professional fastener manufacturer further.

The whole world is the greatest one of fastener manufacturer Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding B.V. (Company of Shi Luofu of the heart inside abbreviation) sign resolution and buy held water 2006 and the component manufacturer that is located in German Büren and company of CP Tech GmbH of accurate service supplier. This Germany manufacturer recruited 175 projects technologist, specific responsibility offers the whole world the service program with a lot of famous car complete and advanced plants.

The automobile industry of nowadays is changing quickly in order to get used to global trend and client demand, resembling is Internet, indissolubility is mixed drive automatically. The car idea with this new need and in the design conformity of production phase initial stage innovates product function. As future shift carries a leader that needs fastener supply muching companion, luo Fu of Ned history is dedicated the growing requirement that uses special fastener and part of other and complex project in traditional fuel and place of car of electric power drive.

After trading to predicting meeting is mixed in relevant flow and buy examine and verify to agree, finish.