German NORMA group is finished and buy Fengfan Fastener company

Published on 2018-06-21

 Group of Norma of leader of market of global project technology is finished already successfully and buy the Fengfan Fastener Co that carry on of headquarters locate China promotes. , ltd company. Fengfan company produces stainless steel and plastic joint product and special dry goods technically. The autograph is belonged to and Fengfan company was bought on March 28, 2017 in NORMA group after the equity of 80% , director office has agreed with this now and buy case.

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Fengfan company 2017 the 2nd season is accepted amalgamative. Fengfan company is exported in product of Chinese market be on sale to other country. About 190 employee below the banner are in charge of producing material of component of loincloth, close solid and special coating fire prevention. The client of a lot of Fengfan companies comes from shipbuilding industry and heavy industry domain.