Ning Bo presses down the sea to advance national level fastener to export quality safety demonstrative division in the round

Published on 2019-05-11

2016, sea of peaceful wave town realizes gross value of industrial output 3.8 billion yuan. Exit delivery is worth 1.4 billion yuan, profit tax amount 120 million yuan, grow 3% compared to the same period, as Zhejiang the biggest fastener produces the Ning Bo of base to press down the sea, enjoy ” of Chinese fastener ” beautiful praise. 2016, the total output that presses down industry of sea area fastener is the 1/2 of peaceful wave city about, countrywide 1/16.

As we have learned, government of town sea area is in ” ” China is made 2025 ” program of the action that press down the sea ” in put forward clearly, the crucial and mechanical base that should expand to be a delegate with fastener mainly, promote advanced equipment to make industrial whole develop a standard.

Develop to support local characteristic industry, promote safety of quality of industry of the fastener that press down the sea level of management and core competition ability, promote fastener trade from transform with qualitative get victory with measuring get victory to arrive, from production the product arrives establish a brand change, follow to lead change to the standard from the standard, town sea examines quarantine bureau sets an example with exporting quality safety the area is founded for chance, executive intellectual property, standardization, brand, management 4 old strategies, business of play demonstrative division pledges in the product the radiate of the respect such as self-discipline of construction of quantity, own innovation, brand, sincere letter sets an example effect.

According to introducing, town sea examines local government of quarantine bureau combination started Ning Bo to press down sea fastener product to upgrade jointly in March 2016 demonstrative division of exit quality safety founds the job, play demonstrative area sets an example lead action, drive transition of traditional characteristic industry to upgrade. In November 2016, town sea exports demonstrative division of fastener quality safety to be assessed through checking and accept, establish demonstrative division of safety of provincial exit quality successfully, become first fastener of countrywide to export quality safety demonstrative division.

Current, there is 30 exits fastener to produce a business inside demonstrative area, own 14 city class and above brand. All enterprises already all built demonstrative division perfect quality management system, move good. Its produce character to measure stability, obtain relevant country attestation. Come nearly 3 years, did not produce safety of quality of major outcome product accident and illegal case.

2017, ning Bo examines quarantine bureau and government of people of town sea area are signed develop cooperative memorandum book about pushing area foreign trade jointly, will advance national level fastener to export quality safety demonstrative division to be caught as a main job in the round.

2016, the European Union is formal steely to China fastener carries out cancel 7 years oppose dumping measure for a long time, data shows, the fastener that press down the sea did not appear to rebound apparently to European Union exit. Town sea examines quarantine bureau to peaceful wave area 50 enterprises undertake survey, through investigating case of visa of business of fastener of area under administration, comb it is good to go out to was not used with sufficient the company list from policy of privilege of trade division visa, come to begin ” man-to-man ” the side is helped up, publicize policy, directive practice, accomplish can sign an autograph, help enterprise enjoys policy of custom duty derate.

It is reported, business of the fastener that press down the sea owns Chinese celebrated brand at present 1, save famous label 4, city famous label 10, product of province famous brand 2, product of city famous brand 4, city exports famous brand 3.

Press down what sea bureau pays attention to quality demonstrative business to breed, guide an enterprise to pay attention to brand construction in the process that develops quality, limited company of bolt of excel in of the river in driving limited company of fastener of vessel of peaceful wave gold, Ning Bo is elected successfully 2016 Chinese quality sincere letter enterprise.

In recent years, the enterprise inside demonstrative division of safety of quality of fastener of the exit that press down the sea is chaired early or late or participate in international standard 1, national level is mixed 30 times guild alliance standard 1. 9 dragon fastener becomes experiment of material of ASTM United States to learn commissarial unit, it is home of Ning Bo head is chaired assume ” international advocate cut into parts ” unit, this company chairs the unified thread that make standard of basic measure new international already was released to the whole world. Formulate of guild of the fastener that press down the sea Q/ZHJGJ01-2011 of standard of alliance of guild of the fastener that press down the sea ” fasten receives high strength of preload carry on one’s shoulder the structure joins deputy big bolt of 6 horn head, nut and join of washerbed down the livestock deputy ” . Current, the dimensions above enterprise of 70% implemented this one allied standard.