The property inside the United States is right China stainless steel flange puts forward to turn over a dumping to turn over allowance to investigate application

Published on 2019-05-11

 On August 16, 2017, beautiful flange produces industry association to offer application to beautiful Department of Commerce and international trade committee, the stainless steel flange that requests pair of former koel and China (StainlessSteel Flanges) is initiated turn over a dumping to turn over allowance investigation. Experience case product is main date of tax regulations of custom of rank United States 7301.21.1000 fall to close with 7301.21.5000.

According to requisition information, 2016, beautiful ego imports the amount of product of flange of of all kinds stainless steel to be 36 million dollar about. The dumping profit margin that beautiful applicant maintains to I am defeated by flange of beautiful stainless steel is 79.93%- – 216.96% , accuse my enterprise gets 7 kinds of big government subsidy of 29 kinds of different types.