How important is the light? VDMA lightweight working group es

Published on 2019-05-11

How important is the light? VDMA lightweight working group established

In order to meet the industry's development, Germany engineering Federation (VDMA) recently set up a hybrid lightweight working group, dedicated to members of the VDMA machinery manufacturing technology and lightweight application match. Next, users, suppliers and research institutions can use this platform for technology sharing and exchange of experiences.

Current hybrid lightweight Board is composed of 7 members of the Working Group, which comes from Austria Peter Egger of the Engel company as Chairman of the Committee. According to Peter Egger presentations, the Working Group will be set up based on the European platform for the Exchange, through a series of activities to help VDMA members to explore the market, consolidate their respective's leadership position in the world.

Hybrid lightweight technical working group on January 22 in Germany Frankfurt, held its inaugural ceremony, of which 115 units from related industries participated in the inaugural ceremony.

In Germany, the "lightweight" is Germany the Federal Government classified as "industrial 4.0" equally important areas, such as 2015, Germany Federal Bureau of economic and energy has issued a report on the current Germany "lightweight" report of the research and application.