Keywords: international news, plastic molding machines, ResTe

Published on 2018-06-21

Keywords: international news, plastic molding machines, ResTech

ResTech plastic molding (Hudson, Massachusetts) has acquired custom injection molder TechAtlantic (Berlin, CT), 22, who joined the injection molding machine and liquid filtration systems, medical devices, cosmetics, automotive, personal care, electronics industry clients.
TechAtlantic stability, ranging from 22 tons to 500 tons, nearly doubles ResTech machine footprint, a total of 58. TechAtlantic has a complete tool room, mold maintenance, mould manufacturing and design capabilities. A ResTech spokesman told PlasticsToday TechAtlantic in the 64,000-square-foot plant, employing 20 people.
ResTech acquisition TechAtlantic, custom injection molder, headquartered in Connecticut, operates 22 injection moulding machines from a 64,000-square-foot plant.
In addition to the standard horizontal injection molding in the vertical TechAtlantic, overmolding, and multiple-material injection molding capabilities.
ResTech 36 existing injection molding machines range in size from 80 to 500 tons, with shot size from 1.5 to 80 ounces. ResTech plastic mold, plastic mold manufacturing, was founded in 1982 by acquiring the 34-year old housing technology company limited was founded in April 2010. Residential facilities and liaomingsite Clinton, MA, reported sales of 8 million dollars. Plastic mold manufacturing before clamp tonnage from 80 to 770 tons, molded from 1.5 to 10 pound case of machines, according to its Web site. ResTech plastic molding House with 8 Cleanroom 6 electric injection molding machine clamp force for 40-120 tons.
ResTech spokesman said the company has now a total of 87 employees in Massachusetts and Connecticut split between sites.
Keywords: international news, plastic molding machines, ResTech
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