Die enterprise development innovation is the key

Published on 2018-06-21

Die enterprise development innovation is the key

Starmould fast delivery

Starmould in the past 25 years has been committed to high quality injection molding and blow molding production and sales, die, mostly from Portugal and Italy.

Chinaplas in CHINAPLAS 2014, the company's booth at the exhibition, many new mould products, including food, cake boxes, baskets, and dozens of. Yvonne Famini introduces the show die Starmould Manager: "Starmould sell moulds, customers can order instant product, this is one of the Starmould advantage. In addition, Starmould die in Europe manufacturing, product quality can be guaranteed and more than 3500 species of species, available for customers to choose. ”

Yvonne Famini think the Chinese market is very big, mould manufacturers there are many, though Starmould in the Chinese market is not very large, but this continued expansion in the future.

Huida professional pipe fitting moulds

Huida mould factory is committed to the design and production of various pipe fittings mould, has been more than 22 years of experience in manufacturing.

Huida mold factory sales manager Lou Lihong CHINAPLAS Chinaplas 2014 site pointed out in an interview, huida has been committed to a professional pipe fitting moulds production, mainly used in the construction industry and sewage for irrigation systems. According to reports, the PVC fitting mould according to the different needs of different manufacturing processes and structures, such as the use of stainless steel materials to ensure a good level of abrasion resistance corrosion resistance, using multiple cavities to achieve higher yields. FAI precise mould manufacturing control to ensure that the finished size, good structure in order to ensure long life and high productivity.

Lou Lihong said current products mainly for the international markets such as the Middle East and South America, but also in the gradual development of the domestic market.

Haxisi focus auto parts

Haxisi hot runner technology (Suzhou) company focused on hot runner technology research and development and product development and manufacturing.

At the CHINAPLAS on Chinaplas 2014, haxisi highlight the hot runner product applied to auto parts, including FIX Open & Valve Nozzle, Cutting Nozzle as well as VIVA-ANGLE Valve Nozzle. Cutting Nozzle is the best nozzle for a adding glass fiber material, can be used to produce automotive interiors; VIVA-ANGLE was oblique fixed nozzles, can be tilted perpendicular to the surface of the product injection molding, lamp production, has good compression.

Haxisi Min Bingshou, Director of marketing, think haxisi has development potential in China, "the Chinese market is very big, haxisi development in China is not good enough, and requires sustained effort. To attend CHINAPLAS 2014 runner many developers, business is highly competitive, so while we continue to improve product technology, needs to pay more attention to the quality of after-sales service, how to manage products, sold to customers in a timely manner to solve problems, and periodic maintenance of the customer's products, these things are all vital. ”

Master shows a variety of innovative products

Master mold (Mold-Masters) is the global leader in hot runner technology and system suppliers, design and manufacture a full line of hot runner products and provide technical support, including hot runner systems, temperature controllers, heat half and gate technology.

Masters mold this session CHINAPLAS international oak plastic exhibition Shang displayed has variety innovation sex products, including 96 points of SPRINT hot half die, specifically for forming cycle in 3-6 seconds of cover class products, special of nozzle and shunt board design can improve injection speed, reduced 10% of pressure loss; E-Multi injection unit designed for more color injection and design, is a full electric of injection system, can level or vertical installation in mold Shang, through a precise of servo system drive screw rod of design, Which results in a variety of sizes and options.

2013 master mold orders are substantial. With car industry of development and independent development Fusion G2 series of technology support, promoted horse Republika special mold in United States Michigan excellence car Center of established and development; innovation development of Accu-Valve MX technology is expected to this year will in packaging and medical industry to masters mold brings sharply growth; personal nursing parts toward more advanced and complex of direction development, masters mold of E-Multi products deeply favored; with intelligent phone and flat computer of rapid development, Master mold also provides strong support for the global electronics industry.

British Gus pushed new electric cylinders

Italy joint Gus was an automobile moulds and hot runner innovation world leader, 2001 HRSflow good Plastics Division was set up in China, specialized research and development, design and production of hot runner systems, products cover all automotive injection molded parts.

CHINAPLAS international plastics and rubber fair in 2014, showed good plastic new FLEXflow electric cylinder, valve pin can be accurately and extensively exercise, apply to bumpers, instrument panels, door panels and other kinds of daqu dough pieces, rank of laminated injection molded plastic parts, and the high quality optical elements of any size. FLEXflow can also meet the narrower process window and construction material injection molding applications.

British Gus mold manufacturing (China) Ltd O.E.M/T1 Customer Manager Wang Guangyu said he was optimistic about the Chinese market, and introduced the company's growth in China in recent years: "due to the rapid development of the automotive industry, from the plant since 2009 in Hangzhou, sales skyrocketed, company Italy Headquarters also commitment to the Chinese market. ”

Dexinchang on display for the touch screen controller TSC

Shenzhen dexinchang Electronics Ltd main product focus in hot runner system temperature control and heating element. At the CHINAPLAS on Chinaplas 2014, company first exhibited the latest touch screen controller TSC.

New controller TSC is mainly developed for the automotive and household appliance field, with high-precision control of temperature and time, and the first time temperature and time control display touch-screen on the same interface. Not only that, this controller is also suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic drive valve hot runner system, tool documentation can also be saved and read.

Said Huang Sijue, dexinchang, company sold in overseas markets in recent years the products have won a high level of customer satisfaction. For the domestic market, companies in Jiangsu, Qingdao, Chengdu and Wuhan, all offices.

PA HIV/AIDS-runner committed to localization of technology

PA HIV/AIDS hot-runner Technology Limited is committed to providing global mold manufacturers and molding manufacturers in the production of some of the problems faced with the most effective solutions.

At the CHINAPLAS on the 2014 event, Koh Phangan AIDS-runner on display a variety of products, including round runner, runner, square, hydraulic or pneumatic or electric-driven pin valve hot runner system, hot semi-modular system runner controllers, temperature-controlled boxes and time order.

Asia regional General Manager David St.Aubin said: "China is PA HIV/AIDS is one of the most important markets, the company has offices in Hong Kong and set up factories in Shenzhen, dedicated to advanced United States technology localization in China. ”