Visit American fastener distributors HTI and American fastener manufacturers Screw Industries

Published on 2018-06-21
Visit American fastener distributors HTI and American fastener manufacturers Screw Industries
  - Chicago screws show business 
  11 Chinese pavilion in Chicago is the last day of official activities. Orchestrated by China General Machine Components Industry Association, the Chinese pavilion at the 11th in the morning he visited the US distributor Heads and Threads International (HTI); Chairman of HTI's Michael met with the Chinese Association of Fastener Mr JIN Feng, and warmly received us Chinese pavilion. Feng, president of the Chinese delegation to Michael sent a screen with Chinese characteristics as a gift. Meanwhile, Vice-President of HTI Joe monitor material to our Chinese delegation introduced the HTI development process, the Company and international procurement, and expressed hope that more such exchanges, you can better understand the Chinese fastener manufacturers to more good conduct business dealings. Chinese pavilion in the various company representatives with the President of HTI and Ruth Dowling purchasing managers exchange business cards and introduce their products for the future to prepare for further cooperation. 
  China Fastener Association president Marty gifts to the President of the United States Screw industries 
  HTI material to the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese delegation about the company and products 
  through the introduction of Joe, we learned HTI founded in 1953, it is a private American fastener distributors, mainly imported standard parts, to eight, five carbon steel fasteners mainly based on customer needs will import some non-standard items. HTI a total of six branches located in major US cities, including Chicago warehouse headquarters, but also the company's largest warehouse. Under the leadership of Joe and Ruth, we visited the HTI in Chicago warehouse. Chicago warehouse can accommodate 30,000 pallets of goods. HTI past mainly imported to China Taiwan and Thailand, which in recent years, has gradually turned to Chinese market purchases, which in 2006 to Chinese purchases of total purchases 56% 2007 47% 2008 63% 2009 56%, while the amount of purchases from Taiwan proportion were in 2006 37% 2007 40% 2009 25% 2009 32%. Purchases HTI annual average of 4,500 containers. 
  Chinese delegation to attend the workshop Screw Industris 
  afternoon, China Fastener Association also organized Chinese visited the US pavilion local fastener manufacturers Screw Industries plant. Screw Industries Marty, president of warmly received us and exchanged gifts with China Fastener Association President Feng. Screw Industries has 25 years of history, mainly in non-standard-based, carbon steel, stainless steel can be produced. Screw Industries has its own plant, it is understood that the plant has 37 units heading machines, 36 thread rolling machines, in addition to Self Drilling machines, milling machines and other machinery. 
  By visiting your local American fastener distributors and manufacturers, Chinese fastener exhibitors to better understand the American Enterprise mode of operation and the company's situation, help in the future to better explore the European and American markets. 
  Five-day business trip in Chicago successfully completed, the Chinese export screws with you the same June 23, Tokyo, Japan, M-tech. Tokyo See!