Chinese net exports of the screw in the 2010 Middle East Hardware Show

Published on 2018-06-21
Chinese net exports of the screw in the 2010 Middle East Hardware Show
  1950s, the Persian Gulf in Dubai just over 5000 a pastoral coastal town. Ten years ago, on the world map can not find the "Dubai" word; but today, this small desert state has morphed into a modern, modern city with the world's tallest building Burj Dubai (Burj Dubai), sailing shape Burj Al Arab (Burj Al Arab) and features an indoor ski slopes Emirates Mall (Mall of the Emirates) and other super buildings; called the miracle of rapid economic growth. In addition to building high, equally high above the welfare Dubai: UAE nationals entitled to free education and health care, the Government has to ensure that every family can have a house and car, and the national burden for families with children from birth to marriage all the costs. Many downtown shopping traffic accommodation and other facilities, is very convenient. View, life can become desert people aspire! 
  May 18, Chinese screws net exports came downtown Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, participated in the annual Hardware Show (Hardware + Tools). Local officials and the Ministry of Economy and Trade Show organizers attended ten o'clock in the morning of the opening ceremony. More than 300 companies will showcase their products and services in 3 days. More than 20 companies from China's fastener looking for business opportunities in the Arab world. Among them, many of them have made ​​Shanghai Fastener Expo booth outstanding enterprises such as: Shandong Tengda, Dongtai Qin East stainless steel, Ningbo De letter, Ningbo Lenx (ABC), Cixi Dashen, sea salt build together, Ning Guodong wave, Ningbo Oder and the like. In addition, the Shanghai-Vence, Zhangjiagang Kam force Haven hardware, Everbright sea salt, sea salt Mega, Ouyang Zhuji, Hangzhou Midlands, dragon sea salt, sea salt Fu Xin, sea salt ocean, Yue Jiaxing, Jiashan Jindong and so on 6 month fastener Expo Shanghai have expectations. 
  Order orderly exhibition hall, exhibition period, the flow of people has been very stable. Although there have been sovereign debt crisis, but the face of a strong rebound in market demand, most businesses believe that orders will continue to increase. Buyers into the exhibition hall is full of confidence, come prepared. According to exhibitors revealed that, although price competition is fierce in the Middle East, but there are still many opportunities that their business position and accumulation. 
  As the only Chinese mainland Supported Hardware Show in Dubai, Chinese net exports of the screw ( again exhibitors to assist Chinese fastener suppliers to develop this market. While expanding the outlet network in the Middle East influence. On-site consultation to the booth will be Chinese network of foreign professionals to answer the first time, such as recommended supplier for Chinese fasteners market situation, to understand the situation of fasteners professional exhibition. In addition to the highly popular hardware importer "ChinaFastener Magazin Chinese screws" magazine, part of the Middle East will be confirmed on the spot foreign visit to Shanghai this industry event. We are pleased to see that every day pass by the booth several European and American businessmen said that already know and registered this exhibition, will be over. 616 Shanghai see!