Chinese screws landing net exports in 2009 India International Hardware Show attracted widespread attention

Published on 2018-06-21
Chinese screws landing net exports in 2009 India International Hardware Show attracted widespread attention
  India, Bangladesh to sell local time at 10:00 on the 20th December, the India International Hardware Fair and fasteners (Indiamart Hardware & Tools EXPO2009 / Indiamart Fastener EXPO2009) launched. Nearly 130 exhibitors, most of them come from China, Taiwan and India, local tool manufacturers and traders; and participating Chinese fastener enterprises, Hangzhou force Hardware Exhibition, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Gaofeng Nail, Hunan lotus Port fasteners, Jiashan public Shing metal products, Shanghai Rui extension Hardware, Wenzhou pioneer standard parts. Local and neighboring areas relatively well-known companies, including fasteners Forex Fastners, Mitter Fasteners, Atotech India , Bollhoff Fastenings, Ornit Blind Rivets, Pioneer Nuts & Bolts are also participating. 
  2010 Fastener Expo Shanghai, the same Jiashan public Shing Metal Products 
  2010 Fastener Expo Shanghai, Shanghai Rui Extension Hardware Products Meet 
  Hangzhou Xiaoshan Gaofeng Nail Exhibitor India 
  Atotech (ATOTECH) Chemical is one of the participating enterprises 
  in Hunan lotus Hong Kong to participate in the Indian hardware tools and fasteners fastener Fair 
  in Hangzhou to participate in India international Hardware Show Hardware Show tools and fasteners 
  may be the reason Sunday, the first day of the exhibition, visiting crowds than expected. Chinese screw English magazine, portable CD, Fastener Expo Shanghai buyers invited nearly 250 parts data before 3 pm were swept away, some buyers more appointments show the next day, and then come to ask the magazine; Further on-site to recover a total of nearly 100 parts Buyer business cards and information. Meng sell Exhibition Centre India International Exhibition hardware tools and fasteners for a period of three days, until December 22 ended. 
  2009 full year, the Chinese and English magazines screws nonstop international debut fasteners, hardware and tools exhibitions include: Fastener Fair Russia, Spain Bilbao Hardware and DIY Fair, the 105th China Import and Export Fair Middle East Dubai Hardware show, Chicago screws second exhibition, the 13th Japan mechanical parts and processing technology exhibition, China international Hardware show (Shanghai), the 106th China Import and Export Fair, Stuttgart, Germany fasteners Exhibition, Turkey Hardware show, Korea international metals manufacturing week, international fastener, spring Exhibition (Shanghai PTC), the western United States and is being held fastener Fair India Exhibition hardware tools and fasteners. 
  India International Hardware Fair tools and fasteners, crowds crowd 
  of some background information on the Mumbai: 
  Mumbai population of about 14 million (2008), is India's most populous city, it is one of the world's most populous cities. Mumbai Metropolitan Region including adjacent suburbs (MMR) population of about 25 million. Mumbai is ranked sixth in the world in a cosmopolitan area. Since the average annual population growth rate of 2.2% in 2015, ranking Mumbai Metropolitan Region population will rise to fourth in the world. 
  Bombay is located in Maharashtra Bangxi Salsette Island off the coast, facing the Arabian Sea. The city has a natural deep water port, the port bear more than half of India's passenger traffic, cargo throughput is quite large. 
  Mumbai is India's commercial and entertainment capital, with a major financial institution, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the headquarters of many Indian companies such as. The city is the headquarters of India's Hindi film industry (known as Bollywood) of. Because of its vast business opportunities, and a relatively high standard of living, Mumbai attracts migrants from all over India, making the city a variety of social groups and cultural smorgasbord. 
  By 2015, the population ranked Mumbai Metropolitan Region will rise to fourth in world 
  traffic congestion is a big selling Meng "features" 
  India Gate 
  India Gate (English: Gateway of India), Mumbai, India is a landmark building, Apollo is located wharf (Apollo Bunder) city at the southern end of the coast. India Gate was built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V was built, is a Gujarat arches made ​​of basalt, there are four towers, 26 meters high, traditionally, India Gate is the result of water arrived in Mumbai, guests can see the first buildings.