Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow

Published on 2018-06-21
Eighth International Fastener Fair Russia on May 24 opened in Moscow
  Russia Local time at 10:00 on May 24, four-day Russia Fastener Fair (FASTTEC-2010) in Moscow Crocus Expo exhibition center opened. 
  About 100 companies showcase their products and services in the exhibition hall. Which has more than twenty fastener manufacturers from China: Zhapu Industrial, Ningbo Ning forces Jing Hengfeng, Xinxing, Cixi Dashen, Zhongshan gold, Yu Haiyan, Sichuan teeth can be called, Handan Hengfa, Jiashan Zhongsheng, Kunshan Cheng and on Lei Sheng of Shanghai, Austria Rehm, sea salt Taurus, Huayuan Holdings, Ningbo Ao was, Henin-Hardenne two light Kadison rivets, Haiyan Changshun, Zhejiang Taisheng, Albert Xin Yang, Jiaxing Feng Jie, Ningbo Viagra and other peaks. There are more than 30 Taiwan enterprises have also come here. It shows the entire range of exhibition area accounted for a quarter of somewhat less than last year. Site Requirements predetermined Fastener Expo Shanghai Chinese companies are: Hengrun Delta, Zhongshan gold, Haiyan Changshun. In addition, Haining and Ningbo Ning power two light under consideration. 
  Chinese official media as fasteners and fastener exhibition Supported by Russia, the Chinese net exports of the screw (www.chinafastener.com) took part in the exhibition (booth number: 4.2), seventh distributed at the venue "China FastenerMagazine Chinese screws "export magazine, published a front of the trailer fastener Expo Shanghai exhibition, it attracted a lot of attention of foreign investors. In China, net booth to confirm Fastener Expo Shanghai foreign procurement has: Vladimir (bolt.ru company), Alex (tech-krep company), benmoct (belmost company), Igor (Soldi company) ...... In addition to inviting fastener Expo Shanghai foreign visit, Chinese exports of the screw to the network also has a network of international buyers to promote the revision of the pricing function of Chinese screws egress. 
  The first day of the exhibition, the number of exhibition concept is relatively small; second, the third day of the exhibition are more guests; this is the Russian people's habits. In addition, the show common language is Russian, very few people speak English. General stalls are manned Russian translation (service fee of about 100-120 US dollars per day). 
  Through this exhibition, recognizing Russia's economic recovery are still a long way to go. But Chinese suppliers has not lost hope in this market in the country, but in a more positive frame of mind to face. For example, some domestic factories have the following plan: Replace more efficient production equipment, packaging equipment increases, enrollment export staff, adding new plant relocation to new premises provide credit services to Russia and other long-term partner. 
  Website + + magazine show is Chinese Lo screen for the Chinese fastener enterprises to create a three-dimensional marketing platform. June 16 started Fastener Expo Shanghai will greatly promote the development of this platform. We look forward to this event!