2018, artistic painting industry will present 5 big trends

Published on 2019-05-11

2018, the member that the professional conscientious, artistic painting that has craftsman mind uses a worker is met more be very popular, no matter be enterprise of artistic painting brand, still distributing the of tens of thousands of artistic painting agency in countrywide each district, install those who use labour personnel to groom to artistic besmear demand has add without decrease.

Internet times, the likelihood that defeats you is not a competitor, however your firm condition is self-given. Future already came, if cannot recognize trend, cannot with when all is entered, be sure to be washed out. Now is not dilettante dry adept, however trend dry is backward, dry dimensions. Industry of Chinese artistic painting is in through in last few years after high speed develops, still in the ascendant. As Chinese art the participator of coating industry is mixed the person that witness, how should hold the development trend of artistic painting industry again, take advantage of an opportunity and be? The author thinks, 2018, industry of Chinese artistic painting will present a trend of 5 great progress.

One, industry development is carried fast, artistic painting sale will reverse a growth

Artistic painting enters Chinese market to already had nearly 20 years time, but arisen the thing that is recently 67 years however. From feeling stone to cross a river at the beginning on thin ice, enter blowout phase to nowadays, grab the partial market share that returns the wallpaper that be mixed by diatom mud to reave successfully, if brand of painting of one pile art appears like emerge come, have the power that oversteps diatom mud greatly.

Just go 2017, no matter be national orgnaization, industry orgnaization, still be the encounter of trade public figure and party, even any forum, want refer coating to involve artistic painting topic surely only. Rich is built to be able to go up in Guangzhou, artistic painting is become join the main trend that extend, card of ginseng item on display exceeds 50, those who achieve the history most. In Chengdu the 2nd artistic painting on fine time activity, have countrywide each district the personage is participated in related more than 2000 artistic painting among them, it is 3 times what first activity shares a number. Increasing consumer is accepted and painting of active choice art is decorated already became the fact that does not dispute.

From the 2nd artistic painting learns on fine time activity, the artistic painting sale last year grows many businesses considerable, break up more time, little grow 50% above. It is with made of baked clay division exemple, skinned texture only last year the sale of mural film exceeds 20 million yuan, than going up year of growth is very severalfold. A variety of evidence make clear, 2018, the development of artistic painting industry will be carried further fast, comparative to enter the artistic paint business of the right path partly, sale will present a state that crosses a growth.

2, market admiral emerge in large numbers gives brand of more and artistic painting

As artistic painting market hotter and hotter, cake does bigger more, in be sure to more enterprise joins the contention battle of this cake, emerge in large numbers gives the artistic painting brand of without number. Many integrated model paint business meets those who roll out his or professional artistic painting brand. If Ma Ke of emperor of mount a horse is artistic 2015,3 trees of lacquer roll out 3 to cultivate artistic lacquer, the beautiful Tu Shi that rolled out painting of art of Si Yi of Buddhist the base of a fruit 2016 rolls out lacquer of United States Tu Shiyi art, introduced the Badeshi of painting of Milanese starlight art 2015, again Nuo of NOVACOLOR(of brand of painting of art of mount a horse covers with tiles card straps) , high-key 2015 the Great Master in the A that rolls out artistic painting of tower Sa Buddhist nun, roll out Qiaowani again artistic painting.

Meanwhile, numerous and professional kind of contention battle that the brand also will join artistic painting market in succession is medium. Write according to industry media civil, do not include simple sense coating and diatom mud inside, at present on Chinese market can the artistic painting brand that statistic goes to already exceeded 300, trade public figure expresses to had passed even 1000. Among them with major kind coating brand is in the majority, if form culture, Yi Tu is gotten, check is 100 benefit, contemporary Great Master, big do not list banyan bay one by one. According to investigation of a questionnaire, the paint business of 80% above already began the production of sortie art painting and sale, of artistic painting occupy occupy 1/5 about than obtaining the paint business of 60% . The industry of 83% states the market that values artistic painting grows prospect. As artistic painting market hotter and hotter, reach its considerable profit space, 2018, be sure emerge in large numbers gives brand of more and artistic painting.

3, market share will be centered to actual strength brand, the industry is spent centrally will promote considerably

In joining artistic painting to contend for battle as numerous brand, good and evil people mixed up, the state that size brand is the same as stage athletics will comparative continuously long period of time, the result that competes finally is, increasing market share will be centered to omnibus old brand, expand impetus at the summit of one’s power, bustling, what a few bright somebody know is professional or of kind of artistic painting brand it is afterwards hard, fade out of the market, or is on his last legs, there is few visitors. Ceaselessly new brand is entered, have old brand ceaselessly unused, snow hides even die out, the industry of artistic painting is spent centrally will promote considerably, brand of before 10 large artistic painting will hold 50% market share of the left and right sides, the industry of whole coating industry spends outclass centrally.

Review coating trade, the 28 phenomena of weak ” of constant of “ overmatch Heng Jiang, weak are being highlighted increasingly. In recent years, face mature with each passing day spending market, face the tall look forward to of raw material price, a lot of in small painting business begins contractive battle line, close down, but the downwind downstream that the dimensions paint company with abundant actual strength grows however, advance triumphantly all the way. According to exhibiting day president Chen Bing discloses, integral sale increased the bloc that extend time compared to the same period 2017 25% . Base already very big Jia Baoli grew to also be in last year two digit above. 3 trees battalion received 2.619 billion yuan 2017, grow 34.45% compared to the same period. Battalion received Oriental rain rainbow 2017 10.19 billion yuan, grow 45.62% compared to the same period. The high speed growth of these big companies shows the industry is spent centrally promoting, market of artistic painting fractionize also is same, market share is met more and more in be being centered in old brand hand, especially integrated model in coating brand hand. Resemble in those days lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming is same, a lot of once the major of gain considerable fame among one’s contemporaries kind brand of lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming is old implement did not become, market share arrived finally centrally a few big integrated model in hand of dimensions paint business. Artistic painting or also will be such, integrated after all model brand of dimensions paint company is famous degree big, the site is much, channel advantage is clear, popularize artistic painting to go up more easily quantity.

Of course, a few major kind if artistic painting brand seeks standard way, center energy to develop toward certain direction, insist to make good service, depend on public praise likely also hero bully one party, make the brand like Lan She of diatom mud industry.

4, will give the artistic paint company that is sale to cross 100 million yuan

Last year, industry media reports artistic painting sale of Jia Baoli crosses 100 million yuan, but via seeking testimony with all possible means, still had failed actually 100 million, sale of artistic 2018 painting crosses Dan Jiabao Li 100 million yuan possibility is very large. Outside dividing Jia Baoli, other a few hopeful the artistic painting brand that crosses 100 million yuan is to establish state respectively, power Luo Hefei Ma.

Although what is there to be mixed with great quantity in artistic painting domain,establish state big movement, but depend on its the refresh of old deep ploughing serves, the inadvertently Liu Chengyin that insert willow, let establish lacquer of art of MILANO of state Milan Nuo to be able to go up quickly quantity, because its refresh serves year of sale to exceed 1 billion yuan already, sale of its art lacquer crosses the possibility of 100 million very big.

It is next power collect, navigate of artistic painting of so-called “ China person ” , sell in the market such as Shanghai area, northern region and Henan province first-rate, once was artistic painting year what sale is close to Jia Baoli most is professional kind of artistic painting brand, but because the trademark is well-known,spend reason and market confine, want to go up 100 million difficulty are greater.

It is phenanthrene Ma again, through trusting the ability of powerful action business that enrols business, store is built quickly in the whole nation, a lot of people still do not have reaction to come over, the store of phenanthrene Ma has opened rose, the store that gives agency fills very considerable also. In-house personnel expresses, phenanthrene Ma experiences inn already achieved 800, sale already was passed 100 million. But reliability is not high, if squeeze among them moisture, calculate on crocodilian colour makeup lacquer inside, feimake can have two forehead of 30 million yuan of shipment. After all Sun Guojiang becomes phenanthrene Ma China to always act as agent with crocodilian dealer status, be in a few years short an a dark horse that Rangfeima makes trade of Chinese artistic painting, dissolved the crisis incident that headquarters of phenanthrene Ma Germany goes bankrupt successfully, have a few brushes really. Sale of phenanthrene Ma artistic painting wants to go up 100 million also not be to be impossible, this is mixed probably in those days lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming is different still, having what can compare a gender more is the Lan She of diatom mud industry, be in integrated model when coating brand still comes over without reaction, diatom mud market already wind unboiled water rises, accomplished sale of mud of Lan She diatom to exceed 300 million yuan. Does Feimahui have such opportunity? Difficulty can be gotten greatly for certain much, after all Jia Baoli integrated model paint business reacts already come over and take the lead in going out enrolled.

5, professional construction personnel will more be very popular, the bag outside grooming makes sweet bun

Without giving thought to industry how wind and cloud changes, the person that has contacted art to coating is decorated or had had artistic painting to decorate experience is clear, staff of professional artistic painting construction is remained rare lack resource, especially of Spring Festival drawing near decorate busy season, worker of artistic painting dab resembles Chun Yunhuo ticket one ticket begs same “ hard ” . These a few years, of the member that although business of not little artistic paint was increased,use a worker breed strength, the artistic besmear outfit of a few major grooms the enterprise also participates in the member that fostered large quantities of one artistic painting to use a worker, but personnel of artistic painting construction still demands exceeds supply.

2018, the member that the professional conscientious, artistic painting that has craftsman mind uses a worker is met more be very popular, no matter be enterprise of artistic painting brand, still distributing the of tens of thousands of artistic painting agency in countrywide each district, install those who use labour personnel to groom to artistic besmear demand has add without decrease. But groom besides needing power of persons qualified to teach, still involve board and lodging, fact to hold, the matters concerned such as raw material and tool loss, a lot of moment are to take pain to not to please, give money to exert oneself to still cannot get the self-identity of agency. Best method sends major groom personnel namely base, or groom with major the orgnaization cooperates, carry out groom the bag outside the service, you all trouble all but be readily solved, groom the effect is more apparent also. To the construction personnel of a lot of agency, amount to a person to artistic besmear outfit from dish bird, poor is groomed distance only. The construction that who can offer major for business of brand art paint grooms service, be sure to get the welcome of brand of numerous and artistic painting. Be sure to get the welcome of brand of numerous and artistic painting..