Hopeful of sawn timber market can greet the hot occasion of b

Published on 2019-05-11

In June, lumber market will clinch a deal in July the quantity nots allow hopeful, the lumber market August begins ready to do sth, although partial material is planted,still behave the meaning that be like a person very much, if teak shipment volume is little, wood of Chinese flowering crabapple continues low, suffocate suffocate of sales volume of Yu wood, maple birch, other material are planted still is performance is smooth, even some of sales volume has the power that rise, it is better to take money like flyspeck horse, the cork price of North America is stable.

Enter August, traditional and off-season period also begins to enter end, it is the period of traditional September busy season that draws near gradually then. According to businessman report, of material of near future Africa somewhat improvement, integral sales volume relatively on lunar the corresponding period had constant growth, this showed from flank African lumber market had been spent 2013 most the period of “ darkness ” , market level begins to enter ascendant passageway. Price respect, because at present the market has not anabiosis completely,the businessman expresses, because this price did not see apparent change, main with be being given priority to smoothly.

Southeast Asia is Burmese lumber market is behaved relatively calmly in the near future, prices is relatively steady, this basically is opposite by downstream enterprise lumber demand is dejected be caused by. Nevertheless, from the market understanding arrives, the businessman does not feel confused to this, confidence as before sturdy. The businessman is mirrorred to the reporter, the market dominant position of Burmese this year material is quite clear, because Burmese material will be new after this September,receive the situation of igneous flourishing.

Close market of paragraph of time northeast lumber is quite small fan, prices did not see the sign of get warm again after a cold spell. According to businessman report, because stock keep long in stock is serious, show level many businessmen had not borne pressure, swing money sale in succession, but shipment volume still makes a person satisfactory hard. Below this kind of circumstance, the businessman can place a hope only the traditional busy season September, expect busy season can give “ of northeast infuse potion ” of strong heart needle.

The half moon on August although lumber prices change is not big, did not break away from off-season evidence apparently, but enter “ Jin Jiuyin immediately the traditional busy season of 10 ” , hopeful of sawn timber market can greet the hot occasion of busy season.