When wall paper industry innovates to never pass

Published on 2019-05-11

Wall paper industry develops the problem that face, also be very apparent in customer key point. The reduplicative between different brand is designed, machine-made pattern, make consumer aesthetic and fatigue. Wall paper product, it is art and real couple. Want to satisfy the requirement of consumer, wall paper industry innovates with respect to what otherwise stops.

The innovation that talks here, it is to be designed not just. Wall paper industry is immersed in this predicament, with the development mode be closely bound up of its whole. Accordingly, wall paper enterprise needs the place of the change, far more than design. So, how does wall paper enterprise innovate?

Innovation engineering technology

(The innovation of 1) new technology, new material, new technology. To the assurance of wall paper material, the technology that wall paper manufactures, it is the place that wall paper enterprise needs to notice. Pass the innovation that strengthens new technology, new material, new technology ceaselessly only, ability raises wall paper to be in whole is indoor the competition ability that decorates data market, and drive contain orphan and forward progress.

(The innovation that 2) designs. Wall paper enterprise starts a design formerly work is very few, major support buys the design work of the wall paper developed country such as Han of Euramerican, day, and copy risks a brand, borrowed each other the common occurance that achieves design, decorative pattern, design and color formerly. Be drawn lessons from only and draw abroad’s advanced design concept, combine the habit of domestic consumer, ability enhances product competition ability, get the affirmation of consumer.

Innovation sale means

Still stay in support to sell a sale, you with respect to OUT! Electric business rises quickly, large quantities of consumer had turned to buy a crowd for dutiful net. Industry of household building materials also has not little company to be joined in succession, the time that support sells a sale has gone. The kind that ties below the line on the line is most ideal, through the product is being shown on the line, draw the attention of consumer, enlarge propagandist; and the experience regards as inn below the line, let consumer be at ease. Meet the section needs the sale shift of hurried also loses glamour gradually, the sale on more line bold fist foot.

Innovation brand concept

The times is in commutation, the habit of consumer also is being changed. Past consumer likes cheap and fine product, the consumer nowadays still values the service that individuation, human nature changes. The brand locates cannot inflexible, sober observation attitude maintains in market environment, study the habit of consumer, think of consumer did not think of, satisfy the requirement of consumer instantly.