Footmark of carbon of board type furniture checks functional

Published on 2019-05-11

Bristly make the same score 1 yellow emperor to swim 2 Li Jun long 3 650224; 3. Vietnam forestry university, inside Vietnam river 156200) now, those who point out functional unit set is unreasonable it is to check a result to cannot get a society extensive I person but one of main reasons. Put forward to introduce in board type furniture ” standard product ” the convenient business accounting way that regards a function as the unit, represent some with the carbolic footmark of standard product kind the carbon of the product discharges a level, implementation is not congener additional between product of 1 different company can be born to friendly T sex.

Computation analyses carbolic footmark, it is the effective method that uses carbon of evaluation furniture product to discharge all the time 1, if furniture company wants to maintain benign development, cannot pay close attention to an interest merely, and the commercial pattern that must turn and pays attention to a kind to emphasize person and environmental harmony developing, the track of furniture product carbon that already had is checked on the whole effect not beautiful, piao comes since the force decreasing Lin that does not have pair of enterprises and even whole furniture industry due Teng moves action.

The difficult position that 4 the last of the twelve Earthly Branches check footmark of 1 furniture carbon checks the current product carbon on international of basically complete according to currently standard of footmark business accounting, have not build the convenient, applicable checking system that is aimed at furniture product technically. Footmark of existing furniture product carbon checks a problem to basically have the following: The evaluation is periodic long, cost is high. Product carbon footmark is checked is to be based on process analysis. lifecycle evaluation, involve a large number of trival data to collect, and want undertake an analysis to these data, the cycle that evaluates so is long, cost is high. The stuff kind of furniture product much, process is complex, same product line often produces tens of paragraph products at the same time, also collected the allocation with carbolic footmark to bring great difficulty to data.

The discharges data to cannot represent ‘ company main product of single product. The product model of furniture company is numerous, the material of each product, function, modelling, dimension person Piao difference is vast, below this kind of circumstance, some the carbolic footmark of the product checks a result to cannot measure this company the carbon of all products discharges a level.

Of the product between different company discharge data to be able to not contrast quality. The purpose of unit of function of make choice of is for product carbon those who arrange data is comparable, want to compare carbolic footmark to want to be based on two products to be able to realize same function above all. However, of current furniture product checking is not to be based on similar functional unit completely, for instance some enterprises check ark of a the head of a bed, some checks a chest or desk, some checks the product of specific unit weight, make final result cannot be compared. Although ark of the same the head of a bed that check is gigantic, the ark of the head of a bed that has a plenty of two drawers is gigantic, some does not have a drawer, also be to having different function, same sheep is not had > go contrasting.

At checking a result to be able to not compare a gender, consumer not be in a position was informed some product to whether have mild idiosyncratic, the n/med tuberculosis that carbolic footmark checks checks a result also the position with inexplicability located inside the industry oneself, besides the ideal evening I that brings low carbon production to employee, , agree only G reduces a kind of empty catchword in product sale.

The general requirement of 2.1 functions unit is aimed at the 2 issues that when footmark of carbon of furniture of header board type unit of the function that check decides the carbolic footmark assessment technique that the product has is the platoon that whether can represent a kind of product mostly put a standard, and the main material sort that the carbon that every modelling brings discharges an influence to turn same set product infirmly is stabler, manufacturing technology is adjacent. In certain period, the technical level of a company can maintain certain stability, because this is akin,the treatment craft of material product also is met similar. The immediateness of material and craft makes us OK one is chosen to have representative product to regard the function that check as the unit in product of a kind of product or U of bad of a department, checked result represented this ― on certain level kind the carbon of the product discharges a level.

The batch of single product is not big. In furniture company, the odd quantitative side below a product a few, many ” 289, batch is not big, undertake to its example is not stabilized checking existence data with uncertainty. Below this kind of circumstance, reduce checked product model, spin the time that check, get first-hand data to will raise the dependability of the result that check from inside issueing odd manufacturing process for many times.

The product produces the manufacturing crisscross of periodic and longer, different product to undertake. Furniture company produces working procedure Duojujia is versed in the case is complex, in big automation line manufacturing situation falls, different product at the same time very little treatment, communal with the sources of energy (electric power, heat addition, water supply) and communal with stock (things of paint, cutting tool, office) hard accurate allocation go to odd each working procedure of the product, increased the uncertainty of business accounting result. Because mix manufacturing product advocate material and treatment technology are basic and same, if become these different products according to certain regular conversion a certain quantity of standard product, undertake business accounting for functional unit with this standard product, can make process of whole business accounting more simplify.

The inadequacy of 2.3 current and commonly used function units is odd an inadequacy that the product checks. The level is checked in mature carbolic footmark in, set some the product is functional unit is most groovy choice. However, furniture product line mixes production for much product more, equipment also is intermittence job, odd actual working hours and common stock use up the equipment of a cost of furniture place wool all unavailable accurate data, make result reliability is reduced. On the other hand different company chooses the product of different function to undertake business accounting, the result that reach does not have comparative sex, lost checked sense.

What unit quality checks is insufficient. Be aimed at sheet the inadequacy that the product checks, some furniture companies, consult a few with weight or. Bulk is the product of the unit, the furniture product of set unit weight is functional unit. If business accounting of limited company of Men Jianwei upholster gives Guangdong river,the wooden furniture of this company is in commerce the carbolic footmark numerical value of every 1kg product is one business level 1857 grams. However, weight does not have materiality meaning for the function to one ox furniture, the function putting store that what consumer is bought and use is furniture, sit lie the use value such as the function, although the carbolic footmark of unit quality is authentic, also cannot compare the low carbon level of two products. Footmark of 3 furniture carbon is checked ” standard product ” introduce footmark of carbon of furniture of 3.1 board type to check ” standard product ” set is affirmatory ” standard product ” be checked functional unit is industry of board type furniture a kind of when undertake product carbon footmark evaluate convenient way. The product measure inside a furniture is numerous, impossible all products business accounting. We can be imagined have such a few ” standard product ” , represented respectively different type is white inside the company spoon is bad I a few ” product, these a few wide article it is certain to also be had on whole furniture market representative. Pass pair of this a few oxen ” standard product ” business accounting, company and consumer are OK very contrast conveniently the carbon between different company product discharges a level.

With into person 8 profit group is opposite Piao the carbolic footmark of mattess is checked for exemple, because the main material of all sorts of company mattess is more unified, manufacturing technology is adjacent also, carry certain computational kind all products conversion becomes a model, the mattess that has basic function, dimension is 1500x2000x230, regard carbolic footmark as checked functional unit with this, the carbolic footmark numerical value of product of every function unit is 46.98 kilogram, the result that check can represent the platoon of product of company all mattess to put a standard. If another mattess enterprise undertakes checking according to same way, so the carbolic footmark difference between the mattess that we compare two companies very can intuitionisticly to have same function.

The set of standard product should accord with the following principle: The typical sex of standard product. Have in the forms scale to ought to be belonged to in place range of products of all sorts of sort of the process of standard product, material, material representative, the exemple comparing an ancient type of spoon between carbolic source also should is close to with most product of U of the bad that be the same as a department.

The amount of standard product as far as possible little. A kind of product represents the product of all whole company categories impossibly, can choose product of a standard to regard a function as the unit from inside each kinds of product or product of a series, but the amount of standard product should as far as possible little.

Each product convert becomes standard product to answer reasonable and accurate.

Since the checking result of standard product can represent a kind of product, the random in this kind of product person P should have particular corresponding concern with standard product. How all sorts of products reasonably the standard product that conversion becomes a certain number of units is this is planted representative the key that hold water. Generally speaking conversion mode should be based on the amount of each source inside the product and each source to be led to the contribution of product carbon footmark. The conversion means that has not agreed at present remains at the 1 rock that takes T step investigate.

The case of set of unit of the function of footmark of carbon of furniture of flatlet of 3.2 board type that check 3 get together cyanogen amine is installed board furniture has very big portion P in the market, this case chose a size that company of furniture of some board type flatlet produces Kunming to be 550x420x450 3 get together cyanogen amine board the ark that reach a head regards a standard as the product, the functional unit that checks namely. This product is base material with particieboard, 3 get together cyanogen month installs macerate paper to stick a face, contain two drawers. Ark is gigantic the model that is board type furniture opens kind of furniture Shi, other desks, a few person A with regarding a cabinet as be out of shape. Ark of the head of a bed is the breed with necessary series of each flatlet furniture, and the measure of cabinet of the head of a bed between different company and function are relatively consistent, the gender is compared before providing.

Classics business accounting, ark of this the head of a bed in commerce the carbolic footmark numerical value of one business level is 12.36 kilogram, this numerical value can mirror this enterprise to produce the carbon of furniture of board type flatlet to discharge a level on certain level. If other company regards checked function as the unit with similar product, OK very undertake contrast conveniently. We can be imagined even, although not be every company produces ark of such the head of a bed, also can provide the product according to same size and function, it is fictitious standard product comes even business accounting, comparative result is production of every company low coke agree G force person be clear at a glance.

The carbolic footmark of current furniture product checks 4 epilogue to wait for a characteristic without mode of technology of the material of mature furniture product, production, sale, devoted and tremendous did not obtain due sale to drive effect however: Fruit and social benefit, one of main reasons are functional unit set not: . Type. Produce: Numerous, : Calculate all; Product workload is big, go against the carbolic footmark difference of clear and comparative product. In the meantime, same kind or between the product of board type furniture of same set advocate capable person is same, produce craft close, the product has particular corresponding concern between carbolic footmark. Regard the function of business accounting as the unit with product of a kind of standard, not only simplified to check the work, also facilitate carbon discharges those who put a standard to compare between product of the Piao inside the company and different company product, it is one kind has maneuverability (responsibility edits: Xiao Jia)