Industry of numerical control metal, progress is sought in st

Published on 2019-05-11

Metallic cutting machine tool, as start prior machine tool, it is in each our country industries use generally, held stable position in the enterprise. Metallic cutting machine tool is having the brilliant record that attributes his, but of the development as economy and market change, the metallic cutting machine tool that lagged behind, greeted oneself biggest difficult problem.


Accompanying the rapid development of national economy, of science and technology rise, the automation of machine equipment begins to hold the market. The application of numerical control product exceeded common product far. Can see from inside the graph, in metallic cutting machine tool, the crop of numerical control machine tool greatly the crop of prep above general accuracy machine tool, gradually be in harmony at arriving the market, became main position. Among them the yield with Zhejiang is top, achieved 4634, grew 15.47% compared to the same period. And the crop of general accuracy machine tool is opposite less, the yield besides Yunnan is top, achieved 5386, grew 5.42% compared to the same period. Explain from this, the application of numerical control machine tool, the new way that is development of industry of prospective machine tool.

Regard the metallic cutting that develops the earliest as the machine tool, face the pressure that the society competes, how to let oneself product establish oneself in an unassailable position, it is the problem that each manufacturer homes ponder over. Increase the investment of science and technology, shorten working time, accelerate work efficiency, promote the job quality, reduce environmental pollution, be later the development direction of metallic cutting machine tool.