How does Japanese PX big plant accomplish 50 years to did not

Published on 2018-08-13

Arrive from Tokyo yokohama, need passes plain Qi.

Tokyo and never-failing of yokohama know exactly about sth civilian curtilage, office building reachs all sorts of business establishment, the plain Qi city between two modern cities, there also is 1.46 million population nowadays, population big city is in Japan, dan Chuanqi is the famousest is the industrial productivity here.

From plain Qi light course stands, take a taxi, the ” of “ industry round ground that factory concentration is after ten minutes, the pedestrian becomes exiguous, the lorry became much rise, periphery is countless all sorts of chimney, conduit. Areas of a lot of Chinese industry garden that had covered with the author are different, here does not have plangent machine voice, cannot see endless smoke. Look up see a day, azure and azure. Before plum rains comes, it is not easy to want to seek a cloudy day.

“JX company ”) calls plain Qi factory below ”(of company of energy of stone of day of mine of day of Ji Kun of “ of company of Japan’s most essential mining industry, oil be here. Local PX(para-xylene, to xylene) year productivity is 350 thousand tons, global coating net understands besides, still have ethylene productivity 450 thousand tons, increase the production of product of other chemical industry, come down one year many tons 100 chemical industry productivity, be in Japan also is scale is larger.

Equipment was over 1957 after acetone of “ of equipment of the first chemical industry makes device ” , the production equipment such as ethylene, PX is built in succession, 50 old, never produce fire to wait for grave accident. In fact, PX production does not have immediate impact with the accident such as fire originally.

The refinery of JX company, chemical plant can have the local operation that 1.46 million person lives in periphery

One gives birth to open factory to middle and primary school

Stone of day of JX day mine (Beijing) general manager of Zun Zunmu thorough is in business management limited company before coming to Beijing, the job of general affairs respect pursues in the factory of the company. Communicate with around dweller, it is the serious content that he works.

Chemical plant is in the impression of common Chinese, it is incomputable conduit above all, it is the aerosol of of all kinds that spits to the middle of the sky ceaselessly next, be all sorts of smell that say to not be clear about next again. Such factory, let a person hide not as good as, make middle and primary school inborn with respect to prep let alone the factory looks around, develop all sorts of experience activities.

General manager of assist assist wood says to the reporter, the plain Qi factory of the company is met every year and 10 street house around appoint parent of unripe, student runs meeting, middle and primary school all sorts of activities, include the fishing congress, spoon that use paper to scoop up the goldfish match, crab in catching tub to wait a moment.

Plain Qi factory tightens recumbent sea, circumjacent dweller eats not to have the fish that here angles, this is right environmental protection of a factory is done well the most immediate evaluation target. Can arouse circumjacent dweller, especially middle and primary school fishs near inborn factory, do not have the word of part confidence to the environmental protection measure of the factory, the enterprise is absolutely not dare.

The reporter is interviewed in plain Qi, know very well here is the place that Japan weighs chemical industry business to be centered most. The author 30 years ago takes class hour in Tokyo, also come here to had made social investigation for many times, the environmental problem that knows very well plain Qi in last centuries 60 time are mixed 70 time are very serious. At that time of the city in the sky because industry is discharged,also be all the day full of smoke, main river floats full all sorts of life rubbish. Since 1968, plain Qi city begins to weigh a fist to treat corrupt, take the lead in be made in Japan and promulgating urban annulus to judge byelaw even, requirement factory takes out environmental protection the way to deal with a situation in level of new site program.

Moral enterprise can take environmental protection seriously. The industrial important place with plain so great Qi, can assure to let river, sea be not polluted, the people can have the fish that here angles, also be the result of all company joint efforts. Be in plain Qi city, the factory that is JX company not just is opened to the society, almost all factory, the kind that carries oneself environmental condition couplet network hourly informs the environmental protection of plain Qi municipal government to be in charge of section office. Violate compasses operation without an enterprise, this ability had all today enterprise to be able to make middle and primary school inborn regularly the factory looks around, the parent also agrees to let the child go chemical plant enters an activity.

Safe recipe: Let a system pay all executing

Chemical plant hard to avoid has an accident. On April 22, 2012, mitsui chemistry company is in the big bamboo factory of city of state of cliff of county of Japanese mountain pass to produce explosive accident, plant personnel one person dies, 22 people of local dweller are injured, the building of 484 families is injured near the factory, become in recent years accident of major chemical plant.

Dare hit without a chemical plant keep a bank note, say oneself won’t produce an accident absolutely. On the risk management of the factory, japanize factory carries out safe system on thin ice daily, dare not have the least bit and lax.

“ ensures safety is our company’s mainest in manage one part, achieved the security on production, just be the responsibility that we used up ourselves to local society. ” Zun Zunmu says.

The safe consciousness of aggrandizement employee, ensure what produce daily is safe, need reachs what handle administrative technique daily to rise in equipment management go up to make great efforts ceaselessly. The factory produces device to manage meticulously to PX not only, assure no risk at all, at the same time close also to standing by the other equipment of PX product line monitoring, go up because of other cop in case produced an accident, and bring huge loss to chemical plant whole.

Produce bagatelle friend ceaselessly, inevitable meeting brings important matter friend. Put an end to all sorts of inductrial injury of daily production, it is the content that factory of JX company plain Qi emphasizes everyday. Begin from 2008, the rate of inductrial injury accident of plain Qi factory is in all the time industry of entire chemical industry is average under accident rate. The chart that offers from this company looks, this rate is ×100 of number of total working hours of ÷ of amount of inductrial injury casualty 10 thousand. Industry of complete Japan chemical industry is less than 2, and JX company is maintaining be less than the condition of 1.

“2011 year on September 12, our factory also produced an accident. The employee of a cooperative enterprise that works in our factory, operating dynamoelectric when curiuming, be wounded, let us maintain 10.93 million hours not to have the record of the accident, was forced to stop. ” Zun Zunmu says a little regretfully.

Again accurate safety administration also can have careless omission, adding Japan is a state that has menace of seismic seismic sea wave, once produce postaccident,be in, this how guarantee against lets an accident expand, reduce accident loss as far as possible? To this, daily education and training are very important. The experience in the past is taught a lesson, the lessons drawn from others’ mistakes of other company, it is the indispensable content when the enterprise is undertaking safe education and training. Be in Japan to basically cannot imagine the accident that goes out before two years, appear two years again later. Did not handle impossibly in first time accident previously, the 2nd accident followings sb’s heels and come.

Put an end to daily minor accident, those who lean is the risk is evaluated. This includes to be opposite regularly make, of the respect such as Wu of quality, labour, safety evaluate, find the method that solves a problem, safeguard facilities does not give an issue, gave a problem to be able to be solved instantly.

Be in factory of JX company plain Qi, have a special position: ” of “ safe engineer. This is one is in charge of raising the professional engineer of safety of entire plant labor and operation safety, he has government risk, modification regulation, be engaged in equipment diagnosing wait for duty.

Accident database can produce tremendous effect when the enterprise handles the crisis. “ we in the accident database of plain Qi factory, put have calamity example 4800, environmental protection information 1700. ” Zun Zunmu tells a reporter to say. The accident that this is not JX him company of course, however inside the industry that the enterprise collects, all sorts of accidents of Japan inside and outside. Study way of the happening of the accident, processing carefully, when the accident that can solving meet by chance, produce main effect.

“ chemical plant needs to introduce new product, whole production process must undertake many communication with governmental orgnaization, around dweller. Only information is accomplished open and transparent, communicate do adequately, chemical plant ability lives for a long time in a place go down. Area of chemical group China always represents 3 water chestnut of ” Lai plain pictures says to the author.

Be in Japan, we cannot find the puts an end to an accident infallible law like day net, what can see is the chemical enterprise execution to having a system. That is a kind absolutely meticulous executive process, not allow to have any careless omission. Go up in an equipment system not just, also be in a factory, it is the content that in plain Qi whole industrial district is advancing more. Had such safe way, chemical enterprise can have the place that 1.46 million person lives in periphery, boost oneself production normally, circumjacent dweller not at all be in a state of anxiety.