Real wood furniture reclaims handle presents research

Published on 2019-05-11

2 reclaim model furniture of 20 real wood reclaims the process can be divided into 4 layers commonly, include to be produced 3 times knock off art and square 5 go tasting repair reclaim, component reclaims, material reclaims and □ discards processing. The furniture that shows according to place reclaims model, furniture answers knock off art to pass foundation project: Project of foundation of office of Yunnan province education (2013Y130) of furniture reclaiming is the important segment that regards product of closed circuit furniture as lifecycle, wide to furniture tasted green I ‘ unripe can have main effect.

3.4 deserted processing discard processing is to will discard as useless to all cannot reclaim parts in the product burn or be filled bury. Deserted should notice to burn or fill bury a process to be able to bring what kind of influence to the environment, because this answers,amount of the chemical composition that masters each material, harm composition reachs his noxiousness is like problem of what kind series, burning thereby write the option is the most reasonable processing idea before burying.

Furniture of 4 real wood answers effects beneficial to analyse 4.1 products to disassemble the purpose that process analysis disassembles is to obtain taller reclaiming accrual, to partial component member bad product, can be maintained through disassembling or change the component of the product, make the product has recycle value; Disassemble can obtain but the component of put sb in a very important position and rework; Disassemble the poisonous and evil stuff in OK still and separate product, prevent its to produce environmental pollution in follow-up processing process; Additional, through disassemble and departing, can obtain the data of tall purity.

Disassemble degree depends on reclaim accrual and disassemble the balance between cost. Disassemble of cost form depend on commonly disassemble time, disassemble difficulty, disassemble the sources of energy is used up and disassemble management organizes cost. Can use formula 01 will disassemble especially cost.

Td expression disassembles time requirement coefficient; S disassembles especially skill requirement coefficient (depend on disassemble difficulty) , pass: Artificial level asks (worker grade asks) and disassemble the tool asks to convey; E disassembles especially % Da manage coefficient of requirement of specific power consumption cost coefficient (basically show product structure is analysed, disassemble the canal is knitted, carry the cost that wait) .

Through analysing a product to reach its component believes ‘ to cease to reclaiming the influence of the process, can get a product and its component information the judgement that to disassembling the process affects, if express,1 is shown.

4.2 products reclaim the benefit of the process cannot be led simply through reclaiming or processing process analysis reclaims economic benefits will evaluate, even mature reclaim the environmental benefit of the process, perhaps consider what microcosmic character cannot reflect a product thoroughly to reclaim only from an element merely function. Reclaim the benefit of the process can adopt formula 02 will convey.

Bes is reclaim the benefit of resource the sources of energy of the process (lead I through reclaiming commonly ‘ bad news fat) ; B. To reclaim the economic benefits of the process (receive result value fat through reclaiming commonly) ; Benv is reclaim the environmental benefit of the process (through the litter of the process is handled and reclaiming the process is opposite environmental influence is mirrorred) .

Through reclaiming to furniture product the observation of the process is recorded, we reclaim to the product the influencing factor relation of the process undertakes an analysis, if express,2 are shown. Can see from inside the watch, economic benefits and environmental benefit are OK from macroscopical on reflect a product reclaim function, economy is OK report of year of straightforward good land and reclaim difficulty reclaims relevantly character is crude; And environmental influence was mirrorred reclaim the environmental accrual of the process.

Product of economic gains consideration and its component put sb in a very important position, rework and material reclaim the economic cost that waits for the generation when answering debit type to undertake reclaiming and economic benefits; Product of environmental accrual consideration reclaims the environmental effect that the process produces and rice take put sb in a very important position, rework and material to reclaim wait for a debit type jin brought environmental benefit. Economic gains and environmental accrual all get the influence of society, economy and technical condition. Accordingly, furniture expresses 2 products to reclaim the shadow D of the process analyses furniture to reclaim to the element of the process reclaim the benefit of the process explains 1) the product repairs put sb in a very important position 2) component is direct put sb in a very important position 3) component rework put sb in a very important position 4) compositive material treatment reclaims Bian Bian impetuouses.

Material reclaims processing process can occur its cost and pollution.

Return benefit of debit type resource (palindrome is led) benefit of economic benefits environment 6) deserted processing is for environmental protection and the process that have.

Note: T states the same sex changes; Ti states change has 2 justice sexes; Express 3 products and its component information to be opposite a 4 scene hurry that control a process to – express to do not have change.

Influencing factor reclaims process product repairs material of put sb in a very important position of rework of put sb in a very important position of component of Pp of put sb in a very important position to reclaim board paring is deserted layer of processing product information 1) disassemble gender 2) component sort amount 3) layer of information of component of material sort amount (reclaim combination of component, spare parts, : The 8 elements that express to be product and its component and reclaim existence affects a relation between the benefit of the process.

Of the product reclaim function must from reclaim of the process article reach its component direct put sb in a very important position, 0 I put sb in a very important position of force mouth industry, material reclaims and discard again processing wait for a part and consider and reflect come out.

4.3 products and its component information the product that to reclaiming the influence of the process differs because of means of composition of material choice, component, joint different, to whole product can reclaim function has very big effect, changed the course that the product reclaims thereby. Can use formula 03 come to those who convey a product reclaim possibility.

P imprints F expression product reclaims possibility; Prp conveys a product to repair the possibility of put sb in a very important position; Preu expression product and its component are direct the possibility of put sb in a very important position; Prgp conveys component again the possibility of put sb in a very important position of force mouth industry; P ” the possibility that Em expression material reclaims (include material broken with the means with broken blame) ; Ps conveys the possibility that litter handles.

Express 3 analysises product and its component message are right reclaim the influence of the process.

Of furniture of 5 Shu real wood reclaim can managing and many lumber, the construction of stimulative loop economy and low carbon society. Product of real wood furniture reclaims is a complex process, involve a product to disassemble commonly, component reclaims, material reclaims to wait for main process with deserted processing. Drive furniture to reclaim not only should establish the social mechanism that can develop continuously, in attracting large quantities of enterprises to throw the industry that furniture reclaims, come, even perfect disassemble, the manufacturing technology such as treatment of component maintenance, compositive material, particieboard treatment, study the process that the product reclaims, analytic product can reclaim gender and the influencing factor that return effects profit, be in thereby products plan phase is mature reclaiming convenience sex, realize the green sex of complete lifecycle of real wood furniture truly.

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