How does domestic paint company hold a trend to see coating old man people planned 2018

Published on 2018-06-21

Through each are big recently of paint business summary looks end of the year, the report of partial paint business is more beautiful still 2017.

Through each are big recently of paint business summary looks end of the year, the report of partial paint business is more beautiful still 2017. The enterprise releases the coating such as 3 rainbow of makings of Jiang Tu of Akesunuobeier, Hunan, Oriental rain, trees to developed a plan 2018 in succession, from inside these development plans, can see the development way of prospective coating industry.


2018, the development of coating industry, safe environmental protection can become basic doorsill, not the product of environmental protection will not live inside the industry. Next, coating industry future can move toward complete solution and not be the coating stucco of a few walls only only, the system of wall of inside and outside that will include to renovate a building, floor, housetop, waterproof adiabatic processing is waited a moment, this kind of mode will become the pattern of prospective mainstream, and this also is the development direction that Akesunuobeier awaits.


PPG general is benefited from inside expanding to grow with more synchronous whole world economy. PPG predicts, 2018 first half of the year, coating industry is reaching lowermost level in the level of raw material inflation of experience. PPG will continue to solve inflationary environment with its client collaboration, expect to realized additional sale price to rise 2018. And PPG will continue have powerful financial flexibility, affirmatory counter-purchased with share through buying 2018, use the ready money of at least 2.4 billion dollar at buying to be counter-purchased with share, this is PPG the one share that planned with what set fund of 3.5 billion dollar together 2018 2017.

Xuan Wei

Regard the whole world of coating and relevant product as the leader, xuan Wei’s business enclothes a product to make, development, deserve to send and be sold, the service includes professional, industry, commerce and retail industry inside of all kinds client. To Xuan Wei, retail be like double leg with engineering market same, have balanced development only, ability advances steadily ceaselessly. Predict, the development 2018, no matter the project still is retail market, to Xuan Wei character is coequal and important, xuan Wei will undertake the technology innovates continuously, according to the demand of Chinese market, answer a government the appeal of energy-saving environmental protection, roll out the high quality product that build besmear ceaselessly, advance the development of the construction of the brand and channel, consolidate the lead position of the industry.

Hunan river coating

Group of Hunan river coating had built product of complete coating of industry of ability in swimming to produce a system not only at present, and in get together product side also develops the coating of function of high environmental protection such as coating of cent of Niao coating, coating, tall solid rapid, formed what give priority to with coating of cent of coating of ability in swimming, coating, tall solid, the product system that accords with requirement of national environmental protection, more thorough advance green to develop.

End at present, hunan river coating already started lacquer of environmental protection ability in swimming to replace oily lacquer project, provide the coating of environmental protection ability in swimming of high quality to downstream collaboration client respectively. Below the premise that can assure quality, predict to will promote the development of coating of environmental protection ability in swimming energetically 2018.

Oriental rain rainbow

Rainbow of Oriental 2018 rain continues to insist to be mixed with high grade product service, for Chinese real estate the industry makes the waterproof project with excellent quality, will continue to carry fast growth state next. It is reported, oriental rain rainbow already raised the management target 2020 30 billion yuan by 15 billion yuan.

3 trees

2018, the innovation environment with 3 ceaseless trees is friendly model product, exploration green builds aesthetic line, expect to gift for the building fresher vitality.

Flying deer share

Of flying deer share advocate business of unifinication of construction of outfit of the research and development that business Wu is the new and high material such as coating of preservative coating, waterproof coating, ground level ground, production, sale, besmear and coating besmear outfit, had made domestic railroad passenger car, freight car preservative coating and Gao Tie are waterproof one of the mainest suppliers of coating.

2018, develop quickly to promote the integrated competition ability of oneself to realize a company, flying deer share will continue to consolidating orbit traffic equips preservative coating domain and orbit traffic project are waterproof on the foundation of share of coating domain market, increase car of equipment of phone of facilities of pair of nuclear electricity power, wind, new energy resources to wait for the other machine such as establishment of petrifaction of field of new energy resources and spaceflight, war industry, oil stage by stage equipment surface is anticorrosive domain and water conservancy project, municipal project, civil the market of waterproof domain develops the concrete such as the building.

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