Small painting business strengthens intellectual property protection to be able to raise consumer to know in

Published on 2019-05-11

Current, to coating industry, most serious problem is market product is coessential change. And bring about a product coessential the point with change an appearance the mainest is protection of company intellectual property do not reach the designated position. In a new year, how does small painting business protect the intellectual property of ego in, does ability gain an advantage in competition?

Does intellectual property protect the current situation how?

With before some year of photograph comparing, the intellectual property of small painting business protects recognizant it may be said to be in every year in progress, especially civilian battalion enterprise, to patent application, registered trade mark, it is copyright even take seriously protection more and more, this is welcome change.

Nevertheless, many enterprises also are put in weak point of quite a few, the intellectual property consciousness that is oneself still not quite intense, small small company also has new invention, new technology in some, but did not form the intellectual property that gets state law protection in time. 2 it is ideas of many legal system of civilian battalion company thin, special go up in the use issue that involves patent, copyright and right of registered trade mark, think the technology others takes “ not to calculate tort with ” , loosened the tie to oneself. Current the problem of this two respects highlights existence.

With respect to tort behavior character, oneself of some medium and small businesses do not wish to throw force to have research and development, also do not have professional, rely on duplicate and piracy, fluky development to rise merely. Building the instantly of law state in the round in our country, to business development, it is the intellectual property that should learn to protect oneself, more important is the intellectual property that should learn to respect others, can face the civil compensation of the calamity of bagnio, a huge sum and severe administrative punishment at any time otherwise.

How to undertake the protection of intellectual property

Above all, paint business wants aggrandizement intellectual property to protect consciousness, protect a concept without clear intellectual property, also won’t have clear practice.

The 2nd, every enterprise should have one set to have maneuverability, the program of strategy of intellectual property development that can help power company develop truly and regulations system, among them, the system is crucial.

The 3rd, want to fall concept and intellectual property protection to real point, the system here, include the relevant law system of national from above to below already, wait like exclusive law, trademark law, copyright law, also include paint company the regulations system that according to oneself particular case place makes.

To in for small painting business, of market product coessential change, affected the development of the enterprise badly. Paint business wants to win good market competition in intense market competition, the protection that strengthens intellectual property is an enterprise indispensable homework.

Anyway, only the property right consciousness of paint business ego increased, ability promotes the progress of whole industry and development.