Chinese petrifaction turned industrial Wu loss 2014 2.2 billion yuan

Published on 2019-05-11

On March 22, chinese petro-chemical Inc. is announced up to stopped on December 31, 2014 year outstanding achievement. Because price of oil, petrochemical drops, etc of company implementation turnover manages income RMB 28, twenty-five billion nine hundred and forteen million yuan, drop compared to the same period 1.9% . Profit of net of partner of vest in parent company 47.43 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 29.4%; is basic every accrual 0.406 yuan. Company board of directors suggests to distribute evening dividend every RMB 0.11 yuan.

Divide business board piece look, because crude price is reduced compared to the same period,wait for a reason, petrifaction exploration reachs development professional work to realized management profit 2014 in 47.1 billion yuan, reduce compared to the same period 14.1% . Crop of equivalent of oil gas of company annual implementation 1 million pails 480.22, grow 8.4%; to produce natural gas compared to the same period 716.4 billion cubic metre foot, grow 8.5% compared to the same period.

Because oil price drops and digest the reason such as high cost inventory, gross profit of company oil refining also is compressed considerably. 2014 loss of business of company oil refining 2 billion yuan.

Sale and cent sell business is Chinese petrifaction 2014 most draw market attention board piece, in those days the company started marketing reform to recombine, introduce society and civilian battalion capital, signed with 25 investor add endowment agreement, current, financing of about 105 billion yuan of capital stock already came true by the plan. Nevertheless, because need to digest the element such as high cost inventory,affect likewise, company this board piece management accrual is reduced compared to the same period 16.2% , it is 29.4 billion yuan.

Chemical business board piece as before low fan. Because chemical product value drops,wait for a reason, business of company annual chemical industry runs deficit 2.2 billion yuan.

To 2015, chinese petrifaction goes out in annals middle finger, exploration reachs manufacturing board piece plan churchyard produces crude oil 1 million pails 300, 1 million pails of 48; outside the condition plan to produce natural gas 886.3 billion cubic metre foot; oil refining board piece plan 243 million tons to process crude oil, 152 million tons of; sells oil of manufacturing finished product board piece oily distribute of plan churchyard finished product measures chemical industry of 173 million tons of; board piece plan 10.9 million tons to produce ethylene.

Notable is, spending of Chinese petrifaction capital continued to compress 2015. According to annals, company capital expenditure was one hundred and fifty-four billion six hundred and forty million yuan 2014, than the beginning of the year the plan is compressed 4.2% . And 2015, the company plans capital expenditure to be 135.9 billion yuan, cutter than continueing 2014 12% .

The company predicts at the same time, because crude price glides considerably, oil refining and finished product oily marketing digest oil depot of high cost crude oil, finished product to put, bring about company vest in to appear on the market the net gain of company shareholder drops considerably compared to the same period, predict outstanding achievement will be in profit and loss to be nodded evenly first quarter 2015 around.