Newest state analyses market of numerical control woodworker

Published on 2019-05-11

In last few years, foreign woodworker industry is in low confuse condition, the design does not have new progress, of lumber processing technique begin also be in halt phase approximately. While international is the same as industry depression, how should be our country woodworker begun? We understand, of the modernization of international woodworker and numerical control technology rising is to extend the theme of the meeting in last few years, the numerical control that develops all sorts of woodworker changes a technology, the numerical control woodworker that makes all sorts of wood are machined gradually to high accuracy, high quality, tall compositive change, the place that automation direction is begun is the victory that exhibits meeting expression. The new product of our country woodworker develops direction to should put the emphasis in the following respects, development batch consumes wood to consume equipment of numerical control of line complete set.

Come ten years, opportunity of mill of numerical control engrave once passed on behalf of the times of numerical control woodworker, the period that whole set of equipment of numerical control of batch consumption wood develops once came. As me country is provided and of floor industry patulous, the job that batch consumption reduces profit of capital, progress and labor rate of consumption once very outstanding. Next makings on the automation of chair foot and multitask the machining center that treatment is robot and combination of numerical control treatment, be close to the computer compositive the rate that change. The numerical control of woodworker of general numerical control is changed develop way. Of foreign woodworker line of the products 90% once numerical control is changed, the library of knife of the biggest horizontal setting of types of machine of mill of engrave of domestic numerical control arrives at 36, turn automatically bit body can discharge cloth 16 knives. Machine of mill of numerical control engrave is average it is double workbench or much workbench, the working hours of treatment and auxiliary time coincide, ascensive labor rate of consumption. Mill machine once did not have head or 6 traditional 4 numerical control engrave that arrive at 16 cutter shaft even, replacing is only head 4 main shaft or 5 main shaft, or means of double head much main shaft. The development of flotsam application equipment is outstanding character. Of technology of domestic timber application begin once entered market economy period, profit once attained the even profit of market economy, the occasion of bitter competition brings about the uses efficiency to become an enterprise to live key of lumber. Woodworker industry should use device for lave of enterprise form a complete set, if sawdust applies consumption to extinguish equipment of club, kryptol, make material and treatment remainder equipment of fibrous of specific request wood.

Passing intelligence to change what reduce these facility with automation to use capital is the stress that they develop. The technical communication of foreign wood machine and sale agent are active. Milan exhibits the woodworker agency that can be abroad and the great party that consume business. The woodworker consumption enterprise of our country once walked out of a country the door, they are introducing abroad advanced treatment, device and debug a technology while, of the platform of numerical control of crucial transfer of technology that the strategy waits for to introduce requirement of our country individual device after should introducing abroad’s advanced conduct propaganda, sale and good carry out more and equipment of carpentry of abroad of transfer of technology of hardware form a complete set fall a confusion of voices carpentry of home of fill of transfer of technology and technology of blank of man-made trigger instrument. Same, the woodworker distributors of our country also should take door going abroad, the woodworker that gets acquainted with abroad consumes business, stimulative international communicates.