Pink of domestic titanium white is overall and average price is low case go up

Published on 2019-05-11

With home market pink of the vitriolic law rutile with larger amount taking money titanium white is exemple, according to business company data of a large amount of a list of names posted up show, this week titanium whitening is overall and average price is low case go up, from this week 12695 yuan first / ton 12762 yuan to on the weekend / ton, go up for 0.53% .

Index of commodity of titanium white pink was on March 19 60.49, relatively rose 0.06 a little bit yesterday, relatively the apogee inside cycle dropped at 100 o’clock 39.51% , relatively the nadir rose at 60.12 o’clock on Feburary 2, 2015 0.62% .

Prices is analysed

Enter since March, from “ Hua Dong brotherly ” is neat rise in price 200-300 yuan / ton since, much atmosphere of the benefit inside the industry gradually thick, the Sichuan dragon boa that its basically come from media to report will be right pink of mainstream rutile titanium white raises price 500 yuan / ton, for a short while, each production business moves price plan in succession, appear to rising in price “ there can be no turning back, ” of on the verge of breaking out, however this Zhou Yi, sichuan dragon boa did not undertake any adjustment to product value, make afore-mentioned enterprises are felt temporarily do not wear brains, business company chemical industry divides analyst of pink of company titanium dioxide to think: Sichuan dragon boa is low-key always, before announcing tone goes up not formally this, public opinion is already bubbling with noise, this does not accord with its Style, also cannot foster public opinion environment into such atmosphere, revise simply so reduce price range, ” of celestial bodies of fine of additional choose “ announces. Market level did not stop billows at this point, couplet of contrary hundred benefit, Annada, medium abundant of favour of one who treats sb to a meal of nuclear titanium white, hill, Hai Fengxin, Jinan is promoted, the attune of take advantage of an opportunity such as east of Nanjing titanium white, kapok goes up 200-500 yuan / ton, rise in price atmosphere already was fostered gradually, form situations of pair of ” of bibcock enterprise “ forcing the king or emperor to abdicate basically. Domestic majority is at present vitriolic the mainstream quote of pink of law rutile He Ruitai titanium white is in 11500-12800 yuan / ton with 8800-10000 yuan / ton.

In addition, periphery benefit much atmosphere also gets apply colours to a drawing, du Bangxuan cloth from April 15, 2015, all at middle east, hamster and Africa Sahala with south the price of titanium white pink that the area sells raises 125 dollars every tons completely. Say according to the personage inside course of study, henry Si Mai will from April 2015 1 get on price of titanium white pink every tons move 150 euro.

Value of this market of week titanium concentrate lasts low a dimension is certain. Climb go into operation of area mine business is led on the west still not tall, in ore natural resources is nervous, have a share empty of quoted price of small-sized mine merchant is tall, 570-600 yuan / ton also have, business of large ore deposit also has the shift on p reaper, after the attune on the price, the client accepts a case and be inferior to person meaning, clinch a deal the price still is dimension firm move. Pink of partial titanium white produced the tone on merchant price recently, titanium mine manufacturer also has hasten to go up in the heart, however storehouse of inventory of dealer of large ore deposit on the high side, price of mine of titanium of together with entrance is low diversionary, climb one’s style of work as well as one’s moral quality of price of area titanium concentrate goes up to still stay in the imagination only on the west. It is reported, price of Indian titanium mine somewhat shade drops, the market has pass container of Indian titanium mine to take commodity price case to be in 105 dollars / ton. At present kapok area price of 10 titanium concentrate is in 46 grade 480-500 yuan / ton, price of concentrate of 47 grade titanium is in business of large ore deposit 500-550 yuan / ton.

City is forecasted after

Market of this price of pink of the titanium white inside Zhou Guo is small case go up, business company chemical industry divides Yang Xun of analyst of pink of company titanium dioxide to think: Fall to getting the case that go up without bibcock, carry out the purpose that rise in price by a hearsay to have two only: 1, through releasing benefit much atmosphere stimulates demand;2, differ through creating the value, reclaim cash, alleged: “ prices always is the ” that begins from the hearsay! Specific carry out even if one onefold the “ that discuss sees ” of dish of the dish below the person!