The prominent dominant position that price of homebred woodworker sex compares Ou Zhou causes attention

Published on 2019-05-11

According to statistic, month of the nine before 2012, amount of imports and exports of commerce of our country carpentry is 1.18 billion dollar, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year show downtrend, export 705 million dollar among them, drop compared to the same period 8.27% .

Ma Qisheng of vice-chairman of association of Chinese forestry machine expresses, after the four seasons was spent 2008, suffer effect of international banking crisis, development of industry of our country woodworker encounters unprecedented difficulty. Below the setting of financial crisis, sales revenue of industry of our country woodworker appears two years continuously wander situation, exit appeared to enjoy growth.

Homebred equipment gradually appear foot

Climb successively in domestic labour cost litre, traditional manufacturing industry is faced with premise of increasingly austere the barren that use worker worker to fall, equipment becomes more and more important to furniture production company. How to reduce the amount that use worker worker, how to raise worker monomer to yield, become woodworker to make the crucial task of the enterprise.

Guangdong human relations taught an area to collect large quantities of woodworker enterprises, initiative organization held water human relations teach woodworker chamber of commerce, why does the president of machinery of power heart power that regards chamber of commerce as chairman earth up fine gold, upgrade in epicycle industry saw production company is right in the process of transition the dear demand of automation carpentry equipment, increase pair of numerical control, labour to accuse, the development of the equipment such as network automation and development.

New era, carpentry equipment is stiletto of simple the such as that finish no longer, makings, curium the single facility of the simple working procedure such as makings, traditional mechanical equipment can be in only phase of working procedure of a few standards, achieve the effect when save labour, province, he Peiliu expresses: If know equipment of home appliance, electron, communication kind production factory, meet those who discover them make equipment, in automation, intelligence face of the square that turn water compares furniture to want a lot of more advanced, especially the car creates a field, can say to represent the top level of mechanical automation, also get just about the influence of these industries, we increased the development strength that machines equipment to new-style carpentry, accuse through numerical control, labour and at present more advanced network automation is controlled, make the craft such as sculpture, bore, cut more essence of life is accurate, realize the treatment of more different timber, satisfy the requirement that production enterprise individuation produces better.

Although at present home still has partial manufacturer apt to choose entrance equipment of abroad, domestic equipment also inferiors in summary of treatment precision respect really at abroad, and the abroad of mechanical automation technology of a few high end is opposite China still exists strict technical forestall, but equipment is in current woodworker to upgrade ceaselessly undoubtedly.

Photograph comparing imports equipment, he Peiliu expresses, domestic equipment is having a few large dominant positions than abroad: It is above all in price respect, chinese equipment is in the respect such as freight, production cost is excel abroad, easier by more place of large-scale production company is accepted; Next, the respect is safeguarded in maintenance, home is main it is to undertake later period is maintained freely, and can make quick response, save valuable manufacturing time for the factory; Additional, the whole that more and more automation equipment need to depend on later period upgrades wait for technical support, odd with respect to this character, of abroad upgrade charge is quite exalted. Wait as a result of district, production environment different, the equipment outside creating a state uses all sorts of inconvenience of the respect in the factory, do not apply to whole country to create a company certainly, domestic equipment supplier more market of press close to, understand the use habit of the factory and real requirement more, can provide equipment and relevant service better.

Extend European market actively

Imports and exports of commerce of our country woodworker achieved the history to be nodded high 2007, before 2008 commerce of our country carpentry presents adverse balance of trade, but occurrence surplus begins after 2008, as the industry anabiosis, commerce appeared again 2011 adverse balance of trade.

As Chinese woodworker commerce anabiosis strong, chinese enterprise market of Europe of active visit district. As internationally one of professional trade fair exhibition of carpentry of forestry of Han Nuowei international will this year 6~10 day was in center of Han Nuowei exhibition to hold in May, and before China already became what international forestry carpentry exhibits 10 big ginseng extend one of states.