2018, artistic painting industry will present 5 big trends

Published on 2019-05-11

2018, the member that the professional conscientious, artistic painting that has craftsman mind uses a worker is met more be very popular, no matter be enterprise of artistic painting brand, still distributing the of tens of thousands of artistic painting agency in countrywide each district, install those who use labour personnel to groom to artistic besmear demand has add without decrease.

Internet times, the likelihood that defeats you is not a competitor, however your firm condition is self-given. Future already came, if cannot recognize trend, cannot with when all is entered, be sure to be washed out. Now is not dilettante dry adept, however trend dry is backward, dry dimensions. Industry of Chinese artistic painting is in through in last few years after high speed develops, still in the ascendant. As Chinese art the participator of coating industry is mixed the person that witness, how should hold the development trend of artistic painting industry again, take advantage of an opportunity and be? The author thinks, 2018, industry of Chinese artistic painting will present a trend of 5 great progress.

One, industry development is carried fast, artistic painting sale will reverse a growth

Artistic painting enters Chinese market to already had nearly 20 years time, but arisen the thing that is recently 67 years however. From feeling stone to cross a river at the beginning on thin ice, enter blowout phase to nowadays, grab the partial market share that returns the wallpaper that be mixed by diatom mud to reave successfully, if brand of painting of one pile art appears like emerge come, have the power that oversteps diatom mud greatly.

Just go 2017, no matter be national orgnaization, industry orgnaization, still be the encounter of trade public figure and party, even any forum, want refer coating to involve artistic painting topic surely only. Rich is built to be able to go up in Guangzhou, artistic painting is become join the main trend that extend, card of ginseng item on display exceeds 50, those who achieve the history most. In Chengdu the 2nd artistic painting on fine time activity, have countrywide each district the personage is participated in related more than 2000 artistic painting among them, it is 3 times what first activity shares a number. Increasing consumer is accepted and painting of active choice art is decorated already became the fact that does not dispute.

From the 2nd artistic painting learns on fine time activity, the artistic painting sale last year grows many businesses considerable, break up more time, little grow 50% above. It is with made of baked clay division exemple, skinned texture only last year the sale of mural film exceeds 20 million yuan, than going up year of growth is very severalfold. A variety of evidence make clear, 2018, the development of artistic painting industry will be carried further fast, comparative to enter the artistic paint business of the right path partly, sale will present a state that crosses a growth.

2, market admiral emerge in large numbers gives brand of more and artistic painting

As artistic painting market hotter and hotter, cake does bigger more, in be sure to more enterprise joins the contention battle of this cake, emerge in large numbers gives the artistic painting brand of without number. Many integrated model paint business meets those who roll out his or professional artistic painting brand. If Ma Ke of emperor of mount a horse is artistic 2015,3 trees of lacquer roll out 3 to cultivate artistic lacquer, the beautiful Tu Shi that rolled out painting of art of Si Yi of Buddhist the base of a fruit 2016 rolls out lacquer of United States Tu Shiyi art, introduced the Badeshi of painting of Milanese starlight art 2015, again Nuo of NOVACOLOR(of brand of painting of art of mount a horse covers with tiles card straps) , high-key 2015 the Great Master in the A that rolls out artistic painting of tower Sa Buddhist nun, roll out Qiaowani again artistic painting.

Meanwhile, numerous and professional kind of contention battle that the brand also will join artistic painting market in succession is medium. Write according to industry media civil, do not include simple sense coating and diatom mud inside, at present on Chinese market can the artistic painting brand that statistic goes to already exceeded 300, trade public figure expresses to had passed even 1000. Among them with major kind coating brand is in the majority, if form culture, Yi Tu is gotten, check is 100 benefit, contemporary Great Master, big do not list banyan bay one by one. According to investigation of a questionnaire, the paint business of 80% above already began the production of sortie art painting and sale, of artistic painting occupy occupy 1/5 about than obtaining the paint business of 60% . The industry of 83% states the market that values artistic painting grows prospect. As artistic painting market hotter and hotter, reach its considerable profit space, 2018, be sure emerge in large numbers gives brand of more and artistic painting.

3, market share will be centered to actual strength brand, the industry is spent centrally will promote considerably