Data unscrambles the whole world, Asia-Pacific and Chinese coating market

Published on 2018-06-21

Coating serves as a kind of new-style environmental protection coating, have an environment pollution is little, resource and the sources of energy are used up low, manufacturing cost is low, manufacturing efficiency is advanced advantage. Increase increasingly as coating output, its apply a domain to also expand gradually.

Measure overall dimensions data to show according to world coating industry and production and marketing of Asia-Pacific coating industry, 57% what Chinese coating industry holds output of Asia-Pacific area coating about, occupy scale of world coating crop to be about 28.5% , already made the principal part of core of world coating industry of be worthy of, to global coating industry development influence holds the balance.

Data unscrambles the whole world, Asia-Pacific and Chinese coating market

From 2016 data of statistic of key fractionize domain looks, carpentry coating crop is 1.653 million tons about, occupy scale of countrywide total output to build coating crop to be 6.23 million tons about for 8.7%; , crop is small go up, growth range is difficult innovate again crop of coating of tall; car is one million eight hundred and seventy-five thousand one hundred tons about, occupy scale of countrywide total output to be two million and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred tons about for 9.87%; coating crop, occupy scale of countrywide total output to be crop of 11%; marine coating be one million five hundred and nineteen thousand nine hundred tons about about, occupy scale of countrywide total output to be 8%;2016 about year, preservative coating crop is about 562.15 be over ton (preservative coating mixes convention to as if again coating) , hold proportion of countrywide total output for 29.58% .

Business of cable of Hui Cong chemical industry charges a group vice president, buy author of the combination that turn model to hold COO Liu Ning concurrently

Chinese coating market draws close actively to capital market

As we have learned, global coating appears on the market the enterprise exceeds 100, exhibit for the better reappearance that realizes an enterprise, capital market becomes what future of besmear look forward to develops to need option, notable is, the company of fractionize domain bibcock that has distinctive product appears on the market successful rate is increased. If Akeli is professional production,get together material of polymer of ether amine, optical class uses epoxy resin of colophony, special type to wait for chemical industry new material product, main product includes collect peaceful coating of ability in swimming of Qihe of fluid sealant of organic silicon fluid sealant, ability in swimming, other fluid sealant, bitumen.

And in building painting project 2017, the whole nation is built, plan to build, in build, always produce of put into production can exceed 2 million tons. Project of environmental protection painting is occupied bigger, center between tycoon of painting of foreign capital, folk more, produce can augment is quickened. High-end project investment is occupied in than grow in quantity, strength of investment of tycoon company project is great.

But from the point of sale, before sale of Chinese coating market 5 still are foreign capital enterprise (establish state, Akesunuobeier, PPG, Basifu, Weishibai) , sale is in of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight above have 3, the others is in 10-35 between 100 million yuan of RMBs. The scope effect of the brand is shown, large and medium-sized the brand is added fast faster, medium or small trend of fine become divided of brand product category is more clear.

2017 first half of the year, output of business of industry of 1358 dimensions above amounts to coating industry annual 9.641 million tons, relatively the corresponding period grew 10.5% 2016, rise accumulative total of 4 percent; sells 944.3 tons, accumulative total of business Wu income amounts to proprietor of an enterprise of coating of above of dimensions of rate of produce and sale Home 98.2%;2044 two hundred and forteen billion eight hundred and forty-seven million seven hundred and ten thousand yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 9.3% .

Chinese coating imports and exports continues to rise in the round

According to custom total office data shows, imports and exports of coating of China of before 2017 3 quarters continues to rise in the round, import an amount among them one hundred and thirty-seven thousand eight hundred tons, grow 8.7% compared to the same period, entrance amount 757 million dollar, grow 0.2%; exit to measure one hundred and fifty-one thousand five hundred tons compared to the same period, grow 14.6% compared to the same period, exit amount 499 million dollar, grow 5.9% compared to the same period.

From development the trend looks, battalion receives profit compared to the same period increase rate is entered in low speed phase, coating industry will turn to refine development for essence of life by extensive type development. In the meantime, go producing in the country can, below the circumstance that the cost such as environmental protection policy, material rises, market polarization is serious, xiaotu expects in brand be in a devil of hole.